A world where I can put random stuff. Maybe some rants. Who knows with me..

Name: Alison

Nick Names: Ali, Essence, Ess, Wolf girl, Ali-cat (you can call me Ess or Essance here)


Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, taking photos

Likes: Wolves, The moon , Reading, Nature, Writing, Turtles, Angels, Knights, The night (I'm a night owl), Black and white photography, Music, Rain, Fall,

Dislikes: Annoying people, Hot weather (I rather have it cold), Pain,

Animals: Got a pit bull/lab mix named Ashe

Favorite animal: Wolf and dogs

Favorite food: I'm not that picky so I'll eat almost anything

Favorite color: Blue and green

Favorite author: Book wise it's between Darren Shan and James Patterson

First Manga: Chibi Vampire

First Anime: I think it was Naruto

Places you can find me

Devianart: iamEssence


Personal project help?

Hey all. So this isn't a rant for once. I actually need your help with a personal art project that I want to do. So it's called 'Who Are You?' and I need different styles, interest ect Like looks and likes and colors and schemes and ...

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Warning Life Rant

Hey all. So I know you're probably bored about my rants on my art project and life but I need to get this off my chest. So I'm almost donelike page wise, still need to put it together and puts ...

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blobby bush...

My bush I painted looks like a blob of greens and yellows... idk what to do. And I don't have art tomorrow since its a half day... I give up on the poor bush.. I will go back to the sketching I guess till further notice.. so yes I'm still working on my art project. My art teachers giving a bit more time but she said I should try to get it done before the marking period is done or my grades going to be what it is now ( not good because I don't do my weekly sketches.. woops). So I have till at least next Monday. Soo yeah hope is well, I'm going back to work

Oh and don't tell anyone I was on, I'm suppost to be on break to finish this project. So shhh it will be our little secret ;)

bye bye for now

Hello! Sooo even though I'm not on much anyway, I'm going to take a little break from theo and the internet and so forth. Why you might ask? And if you don't ask oh well, anyway I'm going to take a break because I still need to finish my art project and I'm not even a third done and its due the 18th. So I get it done in time I decided to take a little break so I don't get distracted by awsome things. I'm planning on getting it done by the 15 so I have time to put finishings and stuff on it , so I have a looooot to do.

So I shall talk to you people when I get back the 19th or maybe 15th, most likely 19th.

Bye bye

school art gah!

I can not wait till this art project for school is done. 2 weeks, its due the 18th. And I may be a bit behind but I want it stinken done. Gah its so annoying. Sigh I can't really do any art till its at least close to be done. So I might not have much up for a little while. So if I owe you something I'm sorry it may take a little longer. Anywho hope everything is well for everyone.