A world where I can put random stuff. Maybe some rants. Who knows with me..

Name: Alison

Nick Names: Ali, Essence, Ess, Wolf girl, Ali-cat (you can call me Ess or Essance here)


Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, taking photos

Likes: Wolves, The moon , Reading, Nature, Writing, Turtles, Angels, Knights, The night (I'm a night owl), Black and white photography, Music, Rain, Fall,

Dislikes: Annoying people, Hot weather (I rather have it cold), Pain,

Animals: Got a pit bull/lab mix named Ashe

Favorite animal: Wolf and dogs

Favorite food: I'm not that picky so I'll eat almost anything

Favorite color: Blue and green

Favorite author: Book wise it's between Darren Shan and James Patterson

First Manga: Chibi Vampire

First Anime: I think it was Naruto

Places you can find me

Devianart: iamEssence


so schools starts....

So school starts tomorrow. Such an evil thing. But I only have 3 full classes with actual people, the rest are online. Though I cant do anything tomorrow online cause the schools evil and has a lock on there wifi. Who does that? And...

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Wip (update)

Just an update on this WIP. Mostly because I have no idea what colors to color it... ...

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Just a wip I'm working on. I was going to use her as my Tumblr avatar but I'm not sure anymore.. Not sure if I want to outline and color or just clean up the lines. So yeah.. Thoughts? ...

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I finally got relaxed. I finally got calm. I finally stopped worrying.

But no 2 stinken weeks till school starts. Two! I can't.. I can't do school. My anxiety of that hellish place finally calmed down. Now it's starting to come back from just thinking about going back. In two weeks.

Even though I'm technicly just going in for a couple classes and doing the rest online I still can't stand it.

The people.... going back to my so called friends...

I just want to be done with school. And if I have it my way and work hard enough this will be my last year. I'm going to put two years worth of work into one. I will finish and never see those people again.

I need to stay calm.. finish what school work I'm working on now and not worry about what's going to happen next year.

Just calm... and breath..

another quiz stolen by unknown

A. What are your favourite smells? Um lime, B. Can you go a whole day without caffeine? During the summer yes, during the school year no. I need it to get threw the morning if idiots C. Who knows more about you than anyo...

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