A world where I can put random stuff. Maybe some rants. Who knows with me..

Name: Alison

Nick Names: Ali, Essence, Ess, Wolf girl, Ali-cat (you can call me Ess or Essance here)


Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, taking photos

Likes: Wolves, The moon , Reading, Nature, Writing, Turtles, Angels, Knights, The night (I'm a night owl), Black and white photography, Music, Rain, Fall,

Dislikes: Annoying people, Hot weather (I rather have it cold), Pain,

Animals: Got a pit bull/lab mix named Ashe

Favorite animal: Wolf and dogs

Favorite food: I'm not that picky so I'll eat almost anything

Favorite color: Blue and green

Favorite author: Book wise it's between Darren Shan and James Patterson

First Manga: Chibi Vampire

First Anime: I think it was Naruto

Places you can find me

Devianart: iamEssence



Hey all! Well I'll be gone all weekend. So I'll be back on Sunday night sometime. Bye for now!


Apparently I've been promoted to Otakuite++ . Wow I haven't been paying attention much. Oh well. I'm happy.

Art Project

I finally finished it!! I'm so happy. It was such a pain to make but at the same time it was kinda fun. Anyway it's a basket. They make them in Africa I think. It's made out of yarn and some coil thingy. Took about a week to do. It doesn't look like it would take that long. But it did. I'm just so glad it's done! On to the next project I guess. Hopefully it wont take as much time as this one because I want to get back to drawing and writing.

drawing rut

Gah I hate when I get in a drawing rut when I think everything or what I'm working on looks shitty. It annoys me especially when I have a drawing I want to finish. You know what I'm going to fix this problem by coloring a drawing that's already done. Yeah that should work...I hope.

Story Rewrite started.

So I finally started rewriting my story that I've written. I guess when you can't sleep you get things done. I'm kinda hoping that rewriting it will help me move on with the story since I'm at such a big writers block. Sigh. But it's moving along. Slowly but surely.