Human Resource Management In health Care Organizations.

The success and growth of an organization is usually affected by a numbers of social, economic, political and managerial factors. This is because an organization often comprises various elements which describe and define its dimensions. The most common dimensions of an organization include the structural dimension, human resource dimension, political dimension, and symbolic dimension. These types of dimensions of have different impacts on the organization. They can either facilitate or hinder the growth, development and success of the organization. For example, an appropriate structural dimension that permits good government and leadership would facilitate the success of the organization while poor political dimension that encourages bad politics within the company would hinder success of the organization because of factors such as increased conflicts among workers. Thus, there is a need to gain a comprehensive understanding of these dimensions of an organization. This forms the basis of this paper, which strives to review the structural, human resource, political and symbolic dimensions of AgroFresh Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, in Michigan, the United States of America.

The main goal of this paper is to review these types of dimensions of an organization as they relate to AgroFresh Inc. The paper also provides explanations of these types of organizational dimensions in relation to AgroFresh Inc. It first begins with structural dimension before exploring human resource dimension of the company. The paper also reviews the political dimension of AgroFresh Inc. before finalizing with the symbolic dimension. Personal points of view about these types of dimensions in the organization are also presented. Lastly, a list of sources that can be used as reading materials to gain more information about structural, political, human resource and symbolic dimensions of an organization is also provided.Written by