This is for twilight people who want a new story. If you don't like it, you might as well leave never knowing what you've missed...

Chapter one

The soaking green mess of trees outside the crimson Jaguar's window became a blur since we were moving at least one hundred miles an hour on this lonesome road to purgatory. To school....

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What's This?

This is a different veiw of my "Twilight" remake "Midday Moon". I've made new characters, a somewhat simalar plot, and a dangerous love between a vampire and human, again. It has some of the original Twilight characters as well as my new ones who actually occupy this story.

To veiw my story, go to

Right now the whole story isn't up. Also, I've just started writing "Equinox" and it won't be up for a while.

And be sure to check out and They are my other worlds with some more information on my work. Hope you enjoy.

Mistakes part two

I'm not the best at spelling, and I've mentioned this in my other world Midday Moon. Again, if you see any mistakes, please notify me. Much appreciated, thanks.