yo.... welcome to the world were i post music i like. that's pretty much it.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Literal Trailer-- Ubisoft feat. Tobuscus

yes. btw, try to watch this one before revalations.

Assassin's Creed: Revalations Literal Trailor-- Ubisoft feat. Tobuscus

Have to say, you gotta love tobuscus. his singing makes the trailor better <3

Awake and Alive- skillet

i wonder who skillet is named after? HURR HURR. oh, btw, i normally don't like cristian rock. but this song is good. any major rock fans out there will like it.

On the floor- Jennifer Lopez feat. pitbull

just let me say this. Pitbull scares me. i don't know why, i just think he's creepy *shivers*

on a happier note, i just ate two carmel fiberbars! HURR HURR

Kuroshitsuji opening 1

Sebastian, i miss you soooo muchhh.... hurr hurr....