Hi there everyone! I decided that this world is in DESPERATE need of a makeover! So Prussia has invaded and taken over my background! D8 Not to fear though! He's friendly, and only wants to improve my world!

With that said, welcome to my world of epic anime!


Ok, so it's been a while since I've really gotten into Naruto stuff, but I was just meandering about the internet when I found this. I'm gonna go continue to die of laughter, excuse me.

Just Because <3

So I've had a rather rough day, and I know this isn't anime, but it seemed appropriate. Hope you all get as many laughs as I did out of it XD

<3 Isoka

Social Networking?

Hey does anyone have a Twitter account? I just got one today XD

Tweet tweet~

<3 Isoka

Happy Birthday to Gaara now~

So yesterday was Gilbert's birthday and today is Gaara's! Yaaaay!

In honor of one of my favorite anime characters ever, I found... ANOTHER VID. XD This one is pretty silly too and contains a teeny tiny bit of language and a few typos but it made me laugh. I hope you all enjoy!

Here's to the Kazekage!!

<3 Iso


SO! Today is my favorite anime character's birthday~~~ And that is Prussia/Gilbert of Hetalia. He is a grand total of 310 years old today! Wow! So here is a little something special just for him~ sorry if you were expecting something serious XD