Greetings! Welcome to my world! This world is dedicated to art trade between me and anyone who wants to trade! This is my first world, so any help would be appreciated! Please enjoy your stay!

Art Trade #1 COMPLETE!!! (pt. 2)

OK... because I am totally new and clueless as to how to post two pictures at once (sad I know) I'm posting my half of the art trade. Enjoy! ^^

Art Trade #1 COMPLETE!!! ^^

<p>Yay! I have finally completed my first art trade! First I'll post Foxygirl101's picture here! (thanks for finishing it so fast, it looks AWESOME!!! ^^)</p><p></p><p>And now, because I have no idea how to post two pictures in the same post.... I guess I'll post mine in a new one... *laughs* if anyone knows how to post more than one pic... it'd be very much appreciated to enlighten me!

Post #3 Re: Yet another video... maybe I should make a different world for my youtube addiction.....

OK... I'm still working on that picture for Foxygirl101. (sorry it's not done yet... ... been very busy lately...) Anywho, was cruising the wonderful youtube again, and found another song by Roisin Murphy that was done on "So You Think You Can Dance"... if you liked the other video I posted, I think you'll like this! ^^ The bowler hats have inspired me! Enjoy!

Post #2 Re: VICTORY!!! m/>.<m/

OK, so this doesn't really have anything to do with this world, but yesterday i was cruising around on youtube, and I FINALLY found this video that I've been searching for for more than 3 years!!!! (I know... I'm pitiful...) I was at my Granny's the first time I saw this on TV, and it struck me with such an impact that I wanted to watch it again and again... (but of course I couldn't... because it was TV) It was a group dance on the show "so you think you can dance" but I had no idea what the song name was, who was dancing, or even what season it was!!! (pitiful... I know...) This dance has actually inspired me in so many things that I have drawn, and I am SO GLAD to have finally found it, and so, since you are all so wonderful, I decided to post it here in my world! ^^ Please Enjoy!

First Post

OK.... this is my first post in my world... (and I really don't know what to say...) First of all, does anyone want to do an art trade? I honestly have no idea if a comment box will come up with this post, so if there is none, please just pm me and we'll figure something out... sorry for this awful planning... but everyone starts somewhere.... right? o.O
I'm also posting examples of my fan art, if you like a certain style or genre and would like me to draw something like that for you, you will know what is in my power to draw, though I relish the thought of something new! ^^ This picture was drawn using water colors, crayons, pencils and pen and ink... it's a poor example, but I still need to figure out how to post pictures (please help! ) Anyway, thank you for your time!
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