This is my world. Delve into my mind; see how I tick. You just might find something interesting, you never know. Here you will find things not found anywhere else. Here is my own secret little world, much different from those elsewhere, yet so similar. Welcome to L's World.


Lately I've had two obsessions:
Genesis Rhapsodos,
and designing chatroom posts for GaiaOnline...
It's strange, really.
I roleplay as Genesis in... five threads?
Or was it more?
-shrug- I lost count.
And chatroom posts.
I've been getting better and better :3
So far, my favorites that I have made were for Genesis [of course] and Joshima Ken [Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!]
But I did make a good Deidara one :333

Yeah, I know I haven't been posting much here, except to add pages onto Tougi.
But I've been kept busy on GaiaOnline.
So find me there!
My username's sesshy_queen