This is my world. Delve into my mind; see how I tick. You just might find something interesting, you never know. Here you will find things not found anywhere else. Here is my own secret little world, much different from those elsewhere, yet so similar. Welcome to L's World.

Stuff coming your way

That's right.
Hopefully I'll be getting three manga and two stories done.
The first manga was written by my best friend, drawn by me.
It's somewhat of an "I miss you" present for her, since I haven't seen her in almost a year.
So far, of the story there are nine chapters out and a tenth coming soon.
The manga was just re-begun.
Warning: Masterpiece~♥ is a yaoi manga.
The second manga is based on my novel: A Time for Peace.
You'll get to see the lovely Adeline and Elodie as well as the demons Yves and Loire and the humans Olivier, Louis, and Benoit.
Benoit I haven't designed yet, but he is well under way.
It will most likely be a short manga, but I will also write a futuristic one with the descendant of Louis, and Elodie and Yves's daughter, Jeanne, who I have great ideas for :3
The third manga will be one I've had an idea for for a long long time.
It will be called Ookami Melody.
It will be centered around a high school girl named Akuro who auditions for an all girl rock band, Ookami Ren'ai.
She makes it [she plays bass] and the band comes to fame.
She then learns that there is an all boy band, Hitokiri Kami, that the girls in Ookami Ren'ai go out with.
The boys band's lead singer, Daisuke, was the only single one and the girls and other guys hook the two up.
Then comes a rival girls band, Kaze no Inu, and their bassist comes to loathe Akuro and fall in love with Daisuke.
So far that's all I've got >.>;;
The two stories, well more like two and a half, are to finish the original "A Time for Peace" once I get my computer fixed, to write the future of "A Time for Peace" [btw, it takes place in France], and the third to write the actual story of Ookami Melody.
Man, I've got a lot of work ahead of me.
I will be getting help on my mange from my friends Torey and Kemet.
Torey will be doing the shading and Kemet will be helping with facial expressions.
And the scanning will also be done by Torey, until I get my laptop fixed and hooked up to either my mom's or my dad's scanner, or if I can get my own :3
Until then, enjoy what is here now :3
I wouldn't mind fanfics of the shortened "A Time for Peace".

Masterpiece copyright Hemiko Productions and Shenae Marshall
A Time for Peace and characters copyright Laurel Bouldin
Ookami Melody and characters copyright Laurel Bouldin


My dad's scanner hates me.
I was planning on doing some mass scanning today while my parents, brother, and sister were gone, but my dad's scanner wouldn't scan for me.
Once I get my laptop fixed, I'll be able to scan from my mom's scanner, which I will hook up to my laptop.
But I can't wait.

The Penman contest I was to enter, I didn't.
My teacher wasn't at school today or yesterday and I didn't know what I was supposed to do with the entries, since they were due today.
So, I had no choice but to not enter.
Sucks, neh?

I think the "Water is Life" essay contest will be judged soon.
I'm pretty sure I'll win for my division and get like $100.

I bought a raffle ticket from our school's JROTC.
I want to win second prize [$100], but not first [Free Ta-Kwon-Do lessons].
Weird, neh?

I will hopefully be writing more to post in my Literature world.
I have a fan of my work who wants more :3
I'm so happy!
I just want more people to like my work, because I want to be an author as a side job, since I'm going to major in music, not literature.

One Week!

One week until my birthday!
Gawd I can't wait.
Five days after my birthday is my party.
It's gonna be at Shogun :3

But yeah, I have a contest coming up.
I'm entering four things into it: a short story and two poems.
I just finished the story, which is a play on another story I'm writing.
I would have used the original, but my laptop is dead and the story is on my laptop...
Oh well.
This one will be fine.
I already have all three poems written, and two typed.
I have to type the last one typed tomorrow in second block so I can get it turned in Tuesday.
I sure hope I win.
And I hope I win the essay contest I entered.
I probably will.
The essay contest theme is "Water is Life" and I did something no one would ever think about.
I wrote about how there is water on Mars and several natural satellites.
Yep, I'll win for sure :3
Oh, and I'll be posting my short story here :3
I hope you guys will like it.


Easter is tomorrow and we still have our Christmas tree up...
We are weird people, neh?

I've been spending a lot of my time on Subeta lately...
Usually I'm on GaiaOnline or deviantART, but now it's Subeta...
Eh, it is the only way I can talk to Keichi since I don't get on myspace anymore...
So there's a good side to it :3

I am currently getting up to date on the Witchblade anime, and I really need to watch the episodes I skipped.
Also the ones I skipped in Death Note, Spice and Wolf, Samurai 7, and Speed Grapher...
I'll do that sooner or later...



We were on complete lockdown today in fourth block.
It lasted about an hour and a half.
We were finally released about fifteen minutes after we usually are released.
Apparently, a teacher had a firearm in his car.
He took the car to be cleaned in the school's auto shop.
One of the kids stole said firearm.
And today there was a robbery and we don't know if the two crimes are connected or not...
Gawd, lockdowns suck, but I heard some hilarious jokes from Matt and Richard :3

And the new Maximum Ride book is out, but my mom won't get it for me D<
Me wants!
That's one of my favorite series, along Dragon Prince, Dragon Star, and the Gemma Doyle trilogies.
And my mom won't get me Skybowl [Dragon Star book III] or Night of the Wolf [Book II of Silver Wolf]
It pisses me off...