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Karas: The Prophecy is on Encore Action right now!
I frickin' love that movie!
I just need to see the second one: Karas: The Revelation.


Okies, once I figure out where to put the chord in my camera so I can upload pictures, there will be cosplay up :3
So far there's only Light Yagami from Death Note and Train Heartnet from Black Cat.
Hopefully I'll be able to do Aizen from Bleach.
I just need to find clothes...
I've been using the random crap I have around the house.
I stole one of my momma's shirts to do Train, since I hate v-necks and have no plain white shirts whatsoever.
She's never getting the shirt back :3
I want to go to a convention as Train one of these days...
That'd be fun.
There'd be too many Lights and at probably a few Aizens, but not too many Trains :3
Damn, I need to figure out how to hook that camera up to my computer...


I is going to gets mah hair cut today :3
And then afterwards I'mma retake the first half of my driving test.
Hopefully I'll pass it this time...
Anywho, what's everybody else doing?


Why, Raito?!
Why'd you have to kill him?!
You were his only friend!

Well, I took my written driving test Saturday...
Failed the first part.
I have to go retake it Tuesday...
Sucks, neh?

Bleach English dubbed anime is going into volume twenty next week.
And Black Cat and Code Gaess are being dubbed and will be airing soon :3
I can't wait.
Personally, I like the storyline in the Black Cat manga better than in the anime.
But that's just me...
I started with the manga anyways, then went to anime.
That may be part of it...


Yep yep.
I am now officially 15 :3