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My dad gave me my first driving lesson today...
I nearly had a heart attack, I was so scared.
I had to drive down the road, do a u-turn. drive back, u-turn, and repeat several times.
And then I had to turn onto another street and go back the way we came...
We passed two cars and drove across a bridge.
I felt like I was going to crash.
But I did better than I thought I would.
Yay me :3


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Vestige - TM Revolution


I may start posting more, since it's now summer and I don't have school for two months.
Most of my time will be taken up writing Ookami Melody.
It may be ongoing, since there is very little plot.
I knew Akuro would audition and make it.
I knew a little about how she would meet the boys band.
I know that she and Dai will fall in love.
I know that Ookami Ren'ai will make it big.
I know that a rival girls band will come in [I just need to make three more characters...]
And that's about it...
No plot whatsoever...
Maybe later, once I get my laptop fixed [yes, it's still broken] and a scanner hooked up, I'll draw and scan some character bios.
I'll do the same with my Peace Series, which I will restart and write.
My Peace Series consists of A Time for Peace, A Future for Peace, and a Past for Peace.
And I may do a little behind-the-scenes/backstage book based on the first book, and it'd be called Present for Peace.
I dunno.
Once I finish the three books, you guys can decide for me.
It's all up to the fans.

What drives me

If you are wondering what it is that drives me, that keeps me living, it's green tea and my combination of GazettE, Nightmare, Abingdon Boys School, and Ayabie.
Throw in some UVERworld and random songs from Bleach musicals, and I'm set.
Actually, that's what I'm doing right now.
After writing two chapters of Ookami Melody and realizing that no one is online on GaiaOnline to roleplay with me and also realizing that I'll most likely not get any more comments on deviantART for another month at the least, I'm bore and need something to do.
Maybe I'll email friends who I haven't seen in over a year.
But, since it's 10:45 pm here, I'm gonna go to bed.
About and hour an a half ago, I got back from graduation.
Not that I'm graduating, because I'm only a freshman [technically a sophomore].
The band had to play, and since I'm part of the band, I had to go.
And my mom wouldn't let me go get my PSP to give me something to do while they were calling the dozens upon dozens of names of graduates.
That, and people can't read or hear.
The programs said to hold applause until all names have been called.
And the announcer said the same thing.
Yet, after every single name, people applauded and cheered.
And blew blowhorns...
And whistles...
And let go of balloons...
And then it almost started raining.
One of the baritone saxophone players was like "If I see lightning, I'm dropping this piece of shit and running."
And I kept putting clothes pins and little paper balls in his instrument :3
It's fun.
Once during class we hid this one girl's clarinet in there.
Yes, the entire thing.
That's how big the bell of a bari sax is :3


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Hallelujah Goodbye - Urahara Kisuke, Ichimaru Gin

Hey, it's been a while!

Yes, yes, a long while.
I've recently been watching the Bleach musicals over and over again.
There are currently five, and two more are due this summer.
Go to my Anime World for more information.


I finally got mah permit :3

I got so bored during second block, I drew Itachi on my wrist...
I took a picture of it so I could remember it forever :3
It looks good :3
My mom would kill me if she saw it.

Last night was our band banquet.
I got two certificates of participation: one for marching band, the other for symphonic.
Also, there was an award for the most outstanding section.
The winning section was Low Reeds and Trombones.
I'm a low reed, since I play bass clarinet :3
So I got a plaque for that :3
It was all fun.

Friday I'm having my birthday party.
It's gonna be at Shogun :3

A week from Friday, I'll be doing some volunteer work with Relay 4 Life.
I can't wait, because I'll be getting extra credit for my Gifted World History class.
And we all know I need it, since history is my worst subject.
And we have a test Thursday ;___;
All of our tests in that class consist of two or more essays, and I suck at essays...
Wish me luck, because I'm going to go work on those essays now so I can be prepared for when I have to write them...