This is my world. Delve into my mind; see how I tick. You just might find something interesting, you never know. Here you will find things not found anywhere else. Here is my own secret little world, much different from those elsewhere, yet so similar. Welcome to L's World.


Okay, so I list ten things I like that start with the letter above...

1. K [from Gravitation]
2. Kadaj [from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
3. Kougaiji [from Saiyuki
4. Kyo [from Furuba]
5. Kyo [Dir en Grey]
6. Kenpachi [from Bleach]
7. Kaiba Seto [from Yu-Gi-Oh!]
8. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [anime/manga]
9. Kakuzu [from Naruto]
10. Kakashi [from Naruto]

Now, if you want, I could give you a letter and you could this.

Funny-looking sign

It's a sign at the Yokohama Sea Paradise. I really want to go there one day, because they have a live show where the walruses and dolphins make music together :D The walruses blow through horns, and the dolphins sing <3 I saw it on TV and now I wanna go see it in person.

L's Kurisumasu

Got a whole bunch of cool things.
DDR for Wii.
Guitar Hero: World Tour for Wii [which my dad is playin' right now]
A collection of works by Edgar Allen Poe [I <3 Poe :3]
Tales of Beedle the Bard :D
Breaking Dawn.
And some other stuff.
I was playin' DDR, but then my feet got all sweaty and I almost slipped and fell off the mat xD
So now mah daddy's playin' Guitar Hero.
And failing at it xD
How was your guys' Christmas??


Ooo, my dad's playing Eye of the Tiger :D
I can play that on mah bass >3

I has a question.
Wiki says Hizaki of Versailles is a guy.
I don't believe them.
So, can someone tell me if Hizaki is a guy or not??


Seriously :3 Clickeh :D

CHS Red Devil Regiment Halloween show

A cameraman from Opelika-Auburn News came to Thursday's practice and last night's game. So now there's a bunch of footage of our marching band up on their website, including our entire Halloween show. At the beginning of the video, they show me playing bass at practice.
Vid is here -->Clickeh :3