so tired i cant think of any thing funny

well lets see,... yesturday i showed my step mom what a paper child was and she got exited. i made one that some of friedrick that i will post asap(which wont be for a while). she took pictures of them one was supposed to be eating something but with out the food she stood him up on the straw of her drink. it didnt hold on its own till she put his drool in the straw. today i will get the others taken in her offaice and winged will have to make them size able for posting for me.

to other news otakite friend asks we help by clicking again but to a different thingy here, so please help out since i am too tired to do any thing right now. not good since im at work.
im sorry you didnt win the last one, i think ist because the url says "i want" seems kinda rude. would be better if it said please help me win, or something nice that makes people want to help. i dont like going to places that say i want. want is a gooffy word any ways like fart and ma'am.