The world of odd things i noticed, is now presented!
I have not worked out all my bugs, so when i get better my posts will become more constant.

Factual Conclusion

Yes i have had a few minutes and reread a few of my posts hoping to see the humor and i came tro the conclusion that my sarcasm has killed alot of the fun. also it may have on;ly been funny because i was freezing my ass off and still somehow not loosing any wieght. i have noticed that when i get excited i messup alot with my spelling which makes it so even i dont always know what i meant. well here are some slightly funny things that have happened since i have been gone: at the triatholon a guy came up to me and made the motion on droping his pants, really he was removing his belt. i got excited and went to the river, i slipped and brused my foot. ok not really funny that hurt. my job is a top secret housekeeper so all my funny work things are irrelivant. mom told me i have to take one of chibis sisters as my own. im buying a land buy have to sleep on moms couch for a year to get it XP. i moved out of wingeds and all my stuff is in my car but mom wont let me get my car becaus eits the only car im not insured on (not that funny, more ironic). i have been drawing but i dont have my pc to edit the pics to upload. i got my first cell phone but its broken, i might aswell have got it from the dump. not that any of that would have been funny to you, like the time i found out that not having adnoids meant i could drink hot coacoa upside down and it would come out my nose, but i dont have acess to a computer to add some funny video so this will have to do for now.

its saturday

ZOMG, i cant believe its already saturday O.o yesterday i thought it was thursday, i feel that we are loosing the wallie/ecard challenge but its hard to compete with so little time left, by my calculations, unless i get the other permissions back with in the next hour i wont have time to finish them in time to make a real dent, your asking why it doesnt seem so funny yet, well its because i am getting less and less time on the o this month, and even if i do get those needed responses something may come up that would prevent me from knowing about them till monday O.o, not funny, more dissapointing,
ok, my oldest brother came by for a visit, and he had me tell a dirty joke to winged while she was at work, (during er lunch time) . also my coking skills have been impared, i was thinking about yummy meat buns and cooked a bad dinner, then made a picture of me fantasizing over the meat buns and winged eating my failure, not that it was that bad, i ate 2 bowls of it before feeling sick XD. she fixed it, turns out i just needed to add water and to top it off th epups new treat in made of a rice stuff and smells nasty, so when i take it away for a bit i smell like it.

O.O the pups first word!

yes start laughting chibi learned a new word. winged likes calling her a hyena because chibi seems like shes laughing when she play whines(and tries to bite). well this time winger was holding chibi and said "HYENA" and chibi mimicked the word with. it sounded really close.
pups firts toy:plush mouse dresses as a clown
pups first word: hyena
pups favorite thing:playing

its sooo cold that its not that funny

ok, so if you have talked with me lately you already know the temperature has been hovering around -50 at my house. well its -58 today the well has been frozen all month, and we are out of wood and heating fuel for a while, and your wondering what is soo funny about my missery. well i shouldnt be laughing but i have been kicking twigs loose for the fire, my hands are so cold it is almost impossible to draw and type(not that it stops me from doing so) but the puppy is just fine. not because her fur coat, she has tucked herself in (with my help) and under my covers. and when ever i get up the captain plays musical chairs with me. i get up and he moves to my warm spot. i move him and the chair over and move the other cair into its spot. and the fish are the luckyest of all because i hooked up the tank heater. my sai wouldnt mind it if it got cold because hes a koi but with the heater i can keep feeding them safely ^u^. it seems once again the animals best the humans here.
on the cold topic it has been so cold that the cars parts froze while driving. not the best trip to town.(the puppy is enjoying out trips to town because the heater works in the cab.) we bought cheep pizza and used the box to fix the car, but we get out so late in the day we miss the places that closed early due to the cold.
when people say missery likes company, they didnt mean this, i am glad most of my friends are not in alaska.(note the radio said that major cities in alaska are averaging -28 and right now some are only at -18 so not everyone in alaska has this cold)

funny noodles epic fail

so winged got this microwave food steemer last night and we decided to make noodles in it. yes you can start laughing now, well, i read the instructions(not very well) and got it ready,it seemed easy enough,and then i made this,...

these cruncy noodles did not go into dinner, i made a second batch that was too soggy @[email protected] im glad i wont be making microwave noodles unless the gas is out.