The world of odd things i noticed, is now presented!
I have not worked out all my bugs, so when i get better my posts will become more constant.


OK, something fun. Vacations are always fun. so i went on vacation in for the first time met more of my family and all that good stuff. we went to Florida. not so fun i had dreamed of most of the vacation already a few years ago. so i was in almost constant De-ja-vo for the whole trip. my phone didn't work the whole trip so i was bored when i would have text-ed a friend. I rode a roller coaster for the first time when we went to Busch Gardens. though as I'm afraid of heights choosing one of the fastest rides to start the day with wasn't such a good idea. I'm glad it didn't seem like my brother was afraid because as soon as it launched us out of the safety of the hut i could see every way it could end badly. the hour wait for the ride did calm our nerves enough to get in the seats, but we were all too glad it was over in three and a half minutes. on vacation we swam in the ocean and ate at a bunch of over priced places. the car rental gave us a faulty GPS so it got us lost while it ran 15 miles ahead of us. some where behind a gas station it said that we were there already. as the running gag when ever i was telling the directions to a place we passed earlier and wanted to go later i would Finnish by saying that we had reached our destination. to top off our vacation on day two we got word that the house had burned down. immediately my brain said "how dose a stone castle burn to the ground?". now we get to go camping till we fix the place up a bit. I'm most upset about my art that i hadn't uploaded and the cat and fish. (i just realized that dad Mow and Sai got cremated for the second time)

so tired i cant think of any thing funny

well lets see,... yesturday i showed my step mom what a paper child was and she got exited. i made one that some of friedrick that i will post asap(which wont be for a while). she took pictures of them one was supposed to be eating something but with out the food she stood him up on the straw of her drink. it didnt hold on its own till she put his drool in the straw. today i will get the others taken in her offaice and winged will have to make them size able for posting for me.

to other news otakite friend asks we help by clicking again but to a different thingy here, so please help out since i am too tired to do any thing right now. not good since im at work.
im sorry you didnt win the last one, i think ist because the url says "i want" seems kinda rude. would be better if it said please help me win, or something nice that makes people want to help. i dont like going to places that say i want. want is a gooffy word any ways like fart and ma'am.


ok, this isnt really funny, its more of a statement. i still think of the votes for a piece as a hug. i was dissapointed when it changed on me, but in my head its still a hug.

Factual Conclusion

Yes i have had a few minutes and reread a few of my posts hoping to see the humor and i came tro the conclusion that my sarcasm has killed alot of the fun. also it may have on;ly been funny because i was freezing my ass off and still somehow not loosing any wieght. i have noticed that when i get excited i messup alot with my spelling which makes it so even i dont always know what i meant. well here are some slightly funny things that have happened since i have been gone: at the triatholon a guy came up to me and made the motion on droping his pants, really he was removing his belt. i got excited and went to the river, i slipped and brused my foot. ok not really funny that hurt. my job is a top secret housekeeper so all my funny work things are irrelivant. mom told me i have to take one of chibis sisters as my own. im buying a land buy have to sleep on moms couch for a year to get it XP. i moved out of wingeds and all my stuff is in my car but mom wont let me get my car becaus eits the only car im not insured on (not that funny, more ironic). i have been drawing but i dont have my pc to edit the pics to upload. i got my first cell phone but its broken, i might aswell have got it from the dump. not that any of that would have been funny to you, like the time i found out that not having adnoids meant i could drink hot coacoa upside down and it would come out my nose, but i dont have acess to a computer to add some funny video so this will have to do for now.


For those of you who actually read my posts, i wont be on for a while. this may be my last contact for maybe even a few months. i will try and return as msoon as possible.but i doubt my return will be as swiftly as i would like.

*As for my active challenge my sister wingedshadowwolf will be grading it when it is finished.(right winged? )

*while i am gone for those of you who may want to use any of my art for wallpapers or ecards, you have my permission.

(i will attempt to work on my stories in my free time)

now for something funny *looks around*