The world of odd things i noticed, is now presented!
I have not worked out all my bugs, so when i get better my posts will become more constant.

off at school

hello everyone, im at Alaska Job Corps Center training to be a security officer. just the other day I learned how to finger print people and identify the main parts and types of prints. Officer Hellena has a chance to become sergeant Hellena. I am excited. I am much further than some in my trade that got here before me.police


OK, something fun. Vacations are always fun. so i went on vacation in for the first time met more of my family and all that good stuff. we went to Florida. not so fun i had dreamed of most of the vacation already a few years ago. so i was in almost constant De-ja-vo for the whole trip. my phone didn't work the whole trip so i was bored when i would have text-ed a friend. I rode a roller coaster for the first time when we went to Busch Gardens. though as I'm afraid of heights choosing one of the fastest rides to start the day with wasn't such a good idea. I'm glad it didn't seem like my brother was afraid because as soon as it launched us out of the safety of the hut i could see every way it could end badly. the hour wait for the ride did calm our nerves enough to get in the seats, but we were all too glad it was over in three and a half minutes. on vacation we swam in the ocean and ate at a bunch of over priced places. the car rental gave us a faulty GPS so it got us lost while it ran 15 miles ahead of us. some where behind a gas station it said that we were there already. as the running gag when ever i was telling the directions to a place we passed earlier and wanted to go later i would Finnish by saying that we had reached our destination. to top off our vacation on day two we got word that the house had burned down. immediately my brain said "how dose a stone castle burn to the ground?". now we get to go camping till we fix the place up a bit. I'm most upset about my art that i hadn't uploaded and the cat and fish. (i just realized that dad Mow and Sai got cremated for the second time)


welcome to 2013, so far this year i have nothing funny except a dream i had where my female coworker was a balding guy doing something she usually doesent do, and i was more concerned she was doing my job than that she was a he.

Last night i was followed by a bright red light that lit up the blackness so much i had a shadow yet it was behind me nomatter where i turned. i could see as if it were day. it creeped me out a bit but i think it was only trying to help.

currently the tempature is 30+ so its melting, still windy but i dont care.

I got some lovely X-mas gifts this last year. i got a black tea set to match my table, a regal gift card, and other usefull things. what did you get?

So welcome to 2013, i didnt make a reselution, so id like to know what yours was and why you make them if you do, or why you dont.


all around fun, i havent been finding anything fun lately. im just living. it sounds so lame. though i do have a high expectancy from life. having fun is hanging with my friends and family with never a dull moment. laughing with them and joking. no problems no pushing and shoving. enough chairs to go around and scilence during the film. drawing fo gramma and stoking the stove for grampa. getting inspiration for a comic because of something stupid we do or say that isnt rubbed in our face. playing with words that sound the same or mean different thing. fun is different than everyday life its a reason. in some cases a cause. latly trying to find fun hasent been working staying occupied is easy though. i hope you are all having your own fun.

fun as in im enjoying it

Fun Fact, I fixed my CAC (computer acess card) so now i will have a larger percent chance of logging on more often! That means ill be happy again. By the way since i missed alot of time, Happy ...

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