To-Do List

  • Start writing Nyarth's post
  • Update Nyarth's profile
  • Update How-to-roleplay Nyarth
  • Make PGR post officially outlining battle strategy
  • Make a relationship map for Nyarth
  • Message TheDarkEclipse about changing Hideki's posts
  • Message Nae about Estelle and Nyarth scene
  • Post in PGR discussion post: how to stop the water gods without killing?
  • Post links to the second plot of PGR
  • Message Poochy about Unicia
  • Add the new rule to PGR
  • Message CCC about Fiona
  • RP with Yumei for Nyiiro moments
  • Draw Luna's 1st place gift
  • Draw Clue's 2nd place gift
  • Draw Danni's 3rd place gift
  • color ref of Ty