Drawings #116-117

Here's what I've done pretty recently, folks!!

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This is a little boy I thought up one night. His name is Daydream, and he's actually hundreds of years old. He looks perpetually young. He can float, and usually does so. Never wears much clothing or shoes except for shorts. He has pastel blue hair with markings on his forehead and belly (yes it's also on his little weenie X3 And he has little ribbons tied to his ankles and wrists that blow in the wind <3 Very calm, quiet, reserved little thing.

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Here's a Zubat gijinka I thought of! She's a girl, and she's blind. She lets her hair grow long in front since she has no need for her eyes. She's kinda quiet, but very clueless and stuff too XD She has tiny little Zubat wings but I don't think she can fly.

I've given her the nickname Zuzu!!! <3