Hey-o!! This is where I will be posting all my little doodles and such! These are the things that I either:

  • don't feel like uploading to TheO because they're not good enough, or
  • these are some WIPs that I will upload in the future when I actually finish them.

    It doesn't need to be said that if you like a certain doodle and want me to finish and upload it, let me know!! :3

  • Drawings #132-134 continued!! (less butts)


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    Butts masterpost!! With guest art! (Drawings #132-134)

    Some of these are by Danni and Yumei!! We were talking on Skype and we got onto the topic of the glory of butts. And then, hila...

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    Drawing #131

    I doodled my two Khajiits at work!! I decided on their regular clothing, when they’re not wearing their armour. Kaasha lived in Hammerfell most of her life, so she would wear the Hammerfell garb. Ra’jirr just settled for the re...

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    Drawing #130

    another WIP of how Nyarth is coming out .__________________. eyes and mouth look weirddddddd. REALISM IS HARD, YO ...

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    Drawings #128-129

    Since my laptop crashed, I can't show you the actual files of my digital paintings... but I DID take pictures of them on my phone before my laptop broke. So here's my purple sphere I painted in SAI, and a day later I painted the yellow cone! I can...

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