Hey-o!! This is where I will be posting all my little doodles and such! These are the things that I either:

  • don't feel like uploading to TheO because they're not good enough, or
  • these are some WIPs that I will upload in the future when I actually finish them.

    It doesn't need to be said that if you like a certain doodle and want me to finish and upload it, let me know!! :3

  • #249

    Drew my mayor, her assistant Sarras, and Curt the bear helping Alice the Koala move in! ...

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    I drew Benson from Regular Show, wearing his fancy suit! ...

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    Drew my ACNL mayor and Pango and Isabelle waiting for our newest resident, the adorable Cyrano! ...

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    #246 - Blastoise!

    I'm still working through all the paintings I said I'd paint for my friends for Christmas... here's what my friend Jon wanted: a Blastoise! (i totally referenced the blastoise I drew many years ago, heh) ...

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    #245 - clay (finished it!)

    So, I forgot to show y'all pictures of the finished clay miniature of my Pathfinder character! Here he is! HE'S SO SMOL! ...

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