My dog is a cat

yup today i notices that my dog is more like a cat he loves sleeping on your lap and he like stretching like a cat when he wakes up he also hates water..a lot so its hard to take him out to do his business when its raining

well anyways hello how are y'all doing (in my make em up Texan accent)

Me? well not so good, today is my day off so yay to that.Ill spend it making a wallies and maybe iPhone wallies if I have the time.
I must say yesterday was the worst day Ive had at work so far, I would tell you guys the story but im afraid nobody would want to read it since you know it would be a huge paragraph -.- but to shorten it up manager was being a sarcastic butthole and it pissed me off to the point that i started crying cause i was so frustrated ~sigh~ but no infront of him cause i dont do that, I cry in the privacy of my home

and this is the part where you say "but why didnt you say anything??" and this is the part where i say "well i was in shock but next time i dont give a fudge if his the manager or the president of the US of A i shall answer back in my own b%@&hy tone like he did cause my mom always told me to defend myself no matter what"