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Silas the Skiddo
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Aero the Honedge
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Well I decided to post it here to get more traffic! LOL I'm so terrible!! ;) So I will keep it simple and easy!!!

Fan Arts:

-Lux as a sexy butler
-Lux fighting a water God
-Lux vs Xio
-Lux and Nyarth
-Lux and Shupple's steamy night >3>
-Lux and Estelle
-Lux doing something funny

-Xio looking cocky/ready to fight
-Xio mutalating a water God
-Xio smiling in blood
-Xio as a Mob Member with Nyarth
-Xio and Kiki as a couple preferably something sexy or Xio being annoyed

-Krory in her outfit
-Krory and Mist
-Krory facing Crunch
-Krory being laid back

-Silas with nature, anything calm and collected

-Aero with his sword, feel free to make up the outfit but I do have a reference right HERE but he does wear a bandana around his mouth to keep it covered and his hair reference is right HERE.


-Kagami Taiga -Kuroko No Basket
-Natsuki Shinomiya - Uta No Prince Sama
-Sinbad -Magi
-Loki - Marvel
-Laxus - Fairy Tail

What Silas Looks Like

CHIBI FORM!!! xD Yes for the win and freaking adorable!!! So here's what he looks like and you get the idea regardless of him in Chibi form!! ;D He's a cutie!!! I love his little beard, I just remembered though he looks like he could come from Greek Mythology hehehe! Oh well!! :)

Thanks again to Ellie you made him!! She's an amazing artist!!! <3

External Image

Meet Aero the Honedge

Aero Jellal Kenshi Nicknames:
 The Swordsman, Slave Pokemon: Honedge (Shin...

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Aero: How to RolePlay

Good day my liege, *bows* it gives me great honor to have you possibly have me in your posts. Although I don’t understand it all myself, I do hope it does suffice and helps you on this quest. I am extremely formal...

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Silas: How to RolePlay

Umm hello, although you haven’t seen much of me, I suppose it will be okay to help you in your quest. I am very quiet and tend to keep to myself. If asked a question I will give you my honest opinion regardles...

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