Welcome to Photography Land where I'll be posting pictures for all to see.
I'm going to become a photographer and wish for people to see my work and let me know what they think about it. So please don't be shy to comment.

Dance your life away.

Dancing is a fun thing to take photo's of.
My friend loves to dance and through the photoshoot we were having fun, and making fun of each other.
Usually the best thing to do put on music, and tell the model have fun.

Water Fall

Waterfalls can be one of the most beautiful things a photographer takes. Depending on what your camera settings are if you have a slow shutter speed, one can get the waterfall looking like falling sand.
I took this picture around sunsets at a beautiful time, when it wasn’t too sunny or to dark.
Waterfalls are always really noises, but in this picture the noise is all silent and smooth. While taking pictures of waterfalls that what you want to shoot for.