Life Sucks

Don't know why but a lot has been going on in Emi life and she not happy with a lot of it. Emi has to move out, yet she not working fulltime yet, she has so much coming with this next semester.

Tired of guys playing with her feelings then leaving her alone and not even trying to be friends or anything just plan jerks.

Emi doesn't know what to do with her life anymore it sucks and to much going on!!!!

Hopefully this winter break will help and Christmas will be nice maybe... who knows Emi doesn't even want to see family on Christmas she just wants to stay home in bed all day and ignore everyone.

That really all I been wanting to do is stay in bed until Emi has to go to work or something else XP
Why life so hard?!?!?

Emi doesn't like it one bit

Make up

So my panda was helping me do my make up and figure Emi should show her so she knows how Emi make up looks ^_^ And part of her nose -_-


So I totally made a tumblr to post my photo, stories, and who knows what else.
Crazy stuff who knew I ever get one I know I for sure will probably never get a twitter but I have a tumblr now ^_^ which is find a little exciting, I hope I get some followers so everyone can see my photo and let me know what I need to fix and what good.

So you should totally follow me to if you have one and (don't know why you would) if you read this post ;D

Here the link so let me know what you think and if people comment on this post maybe I'll start writing stories to on my tumblr and if you don't have one maybe I'll post some stories on here as well.
Just let me know

Smaller Nose

The nose

Having problems with the nose