Sorry It's Been Soooooo Long Since I Posted

皆さん、ひさしぶりです、ね? ごめんなさい。 お元気ですか? さいきんあたしは日本語を勉強していまひた。 日本語を習いたいですから。

Hewwo everyone. I'm so very sorry I've been absent for so long. I have been posting art and everything, but I haven't posted a blog thingy in a very long time. *-* I somehow feel bad for that lol. I don't know... So, um, how have you guys been doing lately? >.< I've been alright myself. Studying looots of Japanese cause I wanna learn more and more. I've learned a lot lately but sadly, nothing near fluent yet. I"m workin at it though. After I get my paycheck this week, I have three books in mind to purchase off the Barnes & Noble website. One for sentences patterns, one for verbs and one for particles. I'm so excited >w< My paycheck couldn't come soon enough oh mah gosh lol.

And speaking of Japanese, I had this urge to make lessons for people, but I need people to read them if I decide to make any Japanese lessons. So, my question is; would any of you be interested in following my lessons? I would like to know before I just start postin some lessons up for no one to read xD Alrighty, well I believe that's all. So thanks for reading, whoever you are lol. And have a great awesome day, well er... night... or... whatever it is where you are right now >x< lol

Ja ne~!