Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m updating in the middle of the day which is a new for me....I was going to update last night but when I got home from work I was too sleepy and went right to bed.
Anyway, I hope those who live in the state had a nice Thanksgiving! I got to go to my grandma’s house and eat with my family like we do every year. I had to leave early to go to work though. That seems to be a standard issue since I’m always stuck working on major holidays. I had emailed my boss and pretty much told him if he doesn’t give me Christmas off, then I’m going to human resources to complain since in the 2 ½ years I worked there, I only had one holiday off and technically, my boss is supposed to rotate who works holidays and who doesn’t to make it fair.

Anyhoo, I want to thank everyone for giving me such a warm welcome back to theO! Amazingly enough, I was actually thinking of not coming back because I’ve been pretty depressed in my own, personal life and didn’t think people here gave two craps about me and whether I came back or not. But I was proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the warm greetings I got when I signed onto theO chat that evening and actually had a few asking me when a new drawing would be coming out by me which also perked my mood since during my self-loathing funk, I wasn’t doing artwork either but MewMew, SomeGirl and some others certainly gave me some encouragement which I highly thank you guys for! *hugs*

My eating issues haven’t much improved…when I’m not hungry, the last thing I think about is forcing myself to eat but an EMT at the casino actually stopped me as I was walking to my department and commented that he thinks I’m getting too thin.>_< He said he notices it in the arms more than anything…but my arms have always been stickly! Even ask Adam because that’s the first comment he said to me when he put his arm around me to get a picture together.XD

Oh man, my kitty, Jenks just took a number 2 in his kitty litter pan and holy crow…does…it….REACK!!! *holds nose* Anyway, off the subject so I may go to a doctor if I keep losing more weight. *nods*

I seriously LOVE my new car and yes, for those who asked, I did get a red one like the one I posted a picture of in my last post. It’s so cheap to run and it’s nice and quiet and such smooth handling. Go Honda!