New Hair and Kitties!!!

Whelp, I’m going to be keeping my coworker’s cat for another week. Long story but yeah, that’s fine by me! Slowly, her and my kitty, Jenks are getting along a liiiiiittle better. He just wants to play but her…eh, not so much. Lol! I think she thinks that Jenks is being aggressive when he’s just playing. You can tell by the look in his eyes. I’m still going to be adopting another kitty from the animal shelter once I give back my coworker’s kitty. I’ve been looking online and found a few good possibilities. One looks just like Jenks! Lol! Except Jenks has big ears and that kitty doesn’t. Plus, Jenks’ eyes are green and yellow (very very pretty) and the other kitty has just yellow.

And I don’t know what it is about my purse but cats LOVE it! I actually just bought another one since I needed one slightly bigger and still, cats love it! Both the kitties like to lie on it and rub against it and Patches likes to sleep *in* it. lol! Weird.

Soooooo, I got my hair chopped off yesterday! I had a hair appt and the night before, I just decided I wanted something new and drastic! I picked out a hair style and between our founder, Adam and my pal, WayWardWarrior, I decided to go ahead and do it. I love how it came out. My hair stylist never lets me down. I’ve never had my hair this short…ever! I’ve always had long hair. It’s so weird to feel air on the back of my neck. Lol! And I keep swishing my hair back and forth because the short hairs in the back tickle.*snort* I had promised to take pictures to show my new haircut so here they are. It’s a front and side view of it:

External Image

External Image

You like? I like! A friend said I looked like a video game character now.