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The Frost Starts Already

I had a guest at work tell me I had very pretty hair today. That always makes you feel good.XD But then I leave work at 3am and there’s frost all over my car!!! BOO!!!! HISSSSSSSS!!!! Means winter is coming! *weeps* I hate having to brush off my car of snow and then have to scrape my windshield every time I leave work.

I forgot to mention when in NYC last weekend for NYAF, Adam took Angie and me to this awesome dumplings restaurant in China Town. The dumplings were awesome because you put them in a spoon and bite off the tops of them and inside the dumpling is the actual soup and it spills out onto the spoon when you bite it. Then you add a little soy sauce and oh man…heaven. I’ve had the biggest urge for those dumplings!!! Darn you, Adam! *shakes fist*

And speaking of NYAF, me and my fellow Code Geass cosplaying peeps I walked around with had been stopped by a camera crew and filmed a little and the film has been uploaded! The guy has a run-down of NYAF so you only see us for a few seconds a couple times but hey, you can see me within the first 30 seconds of it! lol! So yeah, you should check it out to see Elves’ on film for a whole second. We’re shown again later too but the whole thing is fun to watch if you feel like it.^_^ I’m dressed like Kallen and piccy’s of me and the other people I met can be seen in the last post too.^^
Linkage: Click Here!


So, NYAF is over.:-( I got home from NYC just fine Tuesday evening…thanks to GPS! *hugs it* Thursday was the first day I got to sleep in since I had to work Wednesday morning. I slept 13 hours!!!

Anyhoo, Satuday was the day I cosplayed as Kallen from Code Geass. Needless to say, I. Was. MOBBED! It was total, non-stop picture taking and then I found other characters from Code Geass like Zero, Lelouch (yes, I know Zero and Lulu are the same character but different costumes!!), Mao, Cici, Nanaly, Suzaku, and others. Zero, Lulu, Mao, and I kept together for almost all of the con and therefore, when you’re in a group all from the same anime, you’re mobbed even more! It took us 30 minutes just to get from one end of the con to the other to get food! But oh my gawd, it was so fun and the Lulu who was with us was SO awesome!! He (we called him a he even though it was a she) knew like, all of Lulu’s poses and kept throwing himself on the ground and making me do all kinds of poses with him. One of those anime con-ers that you just love to be with.

I have quite a few pictures but here’s just a few:
This is me and Angie before we went to con. It had stopped raining at least long enough for this picture.>_< That’s me as Kallen from Code Geass and Angie was the “movie-version” Maki from Death Note.XD:
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Here’s me with Zero and Lulu…like I said, Lulu was so much fun…kept making me do obscene poses with him…but I didn’t mind since it was Lulu!
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Here’s the main group of us who were walking around…this is when we were at the cafeteria trying to eat but we still had to pose for pictures.XD But it was so fun, I didn’t mind…did I mention I loved that Lulu?:
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While eating…an awesome Tamaki made his way downstairs…Lulu instantly nabbed him for a crossover picture.
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The classic on the ground pose. Lulu’s idea! I actually love this picture too! I loved that Lulu…oh wait, I said that didn’t I? (and no, not literally love him…just that person who was just so fun!):

NYAF Friday

So the first day of the NY Anime Festival is done. Tomorrow will be the fun day because that’s when we’re cosplaying and I’m going as Kallen from Code Geass. I’ll get pictures, don’t worry. Today was fun though! Angie and I met up with Otaku’s bossman, Adam and hung out with him. Through him we got to meet Iron Chef Morimoto and get our picture with him which is awesome! Angie was wearing a shirt that said “I Love Yaoi” in Japanese on it and Morimoto was trying to read it and luckily for Angie, he didn’t know what it meant.XD He was asking what yaoi was and she kinda fumbled trying to explain it without sounding like a perv.XD XD XD She just said it was “a certain genre of manga.” Good save, Angie!^_~ We then waited in line forever and again, through Adam, we got to get autographs from both the illustrator and writer for Vampire Hunter D and Final Fantasy! Wohoo!!! Yoshitaka Amano drew illustrations in both Angie and my book and the writer drew a picture too with a red heart. “Only for the ladies” he said.

Adam, Angie, and I then went to a sushi place (Adam forced me since he knows sushi isn’t my fave but he got me the Naruto Maki to make me happy) but then I made it up by thoroughly kicking his butt in Super Smash Bros. Brawl when we went back to his place. Well, I should say, he beat me a few times at first since I needed to get into my groove and then I whooped him after that. And FYI, we made Adam play as Peach in a match because he wanted to know who I’d be most embarrassed to lose too.XD Adam lost horribly as Peach and I plan on pwning him when we play Mario Kart Wii so be prepared Adam to lose to a chick once again.

Oh, and I bought a “squishables” pillow plushie in the shape of a snail at the fest. I named him Adam…the bossman is insanely honored by it and he told me whenever he has a bad day, it’s my duty to hug my Adam to make bossman Adam feel better.


I did a little bit of shopping today and visited my parent’s house to see our doggy, Harley and my kitty, FuzzButt. I picked up this old Chinese Art Brushwork kit my grandma had gotten me years ago. I’m re-doing my apartment (since my bro isn’t taking it back, it’s really officially *mine* now) and I’m doing lots of the Feng-shui design and wanted to create some of my own Chinese/Asian art to put on the walls to match some mirrors and other decorations I got for it.

*Blah* I need more days off from work to prepare for my workshop at the NY Anime Festival. I mean, I know I’ll be ready in time but I’m going to be rushed. I’m thinking of asking one of the ladies I work with to switch hours with me this coming Wednesday since I’m leaving for NYC Thursday morning…but my boss schedules me to close the casino Wednesday night. The jerk. I need all of Wednesday off not only to prepare myself but also to squeeze my belly dancing class in there to relieve some stress before I go to the fest.
I don’t think all people know quite what belly dancing is…it’s a very beautiful and seductive dance form that’s *SO* much fun to learn and do. I found this video on youtube of a belly dancer who is just plain amazing. There’s a few forms of belly dancing and the one in this video is considered a “drum solo” dance where it’s more-so about mimicking the beat of the music with the body rather than a more free-flowing dance that another form of belly dancing does. Everyone should watch this because it’s so amazing and whether you’re male or female, it’s very hypnotizing and truly gorgeous. I’m not nearly up to this level yet with my classes but I do know many of the moves she’s doing! Go me! Heehee! So, watch and be amazed at what the body can do:


So, I got my cosplay costume in the mail yesterday (just take a glance at my last post to see it), and it doesn’t fit me at all!! It was supposed to be custom made for me and I sent my measurements and I don’t know who this was made for but it sure as heck wasn’t made for me! It’s HUGE!!! I sent pictures to the lady in China who made it so she could see how poorly it fit and she offered to have me send it back and she’d fix it but the thing is…NYAF is next weekend…there’s NO way I’d get it back in time. However, I have a seamstress that has altered stuff for me in the past and when I went to her house and showed her the costume she says she can fix it! YAY! I often need things altered for me like dressed and such because I’m very very skinny but I’m very tall so it’s tough to find things that are long enough but can fit the waist and this seamstress has always done flawless work so I’m very happy she can fix my cosplay costume. The Chinese lady who made it is going to reimburse me for half of what I paid for it so that’s good.

My boss at work has ticked me off because I have my belly dancing class on Wednesdays and I’ve had Wednesdays off for a long time but for the next 2 weeks he’s changed it so I have to work! NOOOO! My belly dancing class was like, my stress reliever and he took it away from me! Ergh, I’m going to talk to him about this because I need this class…I think it’s one of the few things keeping me sane at this point because work has been getting more and more stressful and if I don’t have a way to release this tension and stress, I’m going to snap!

I think this picture is so funny: