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Snow Storm

Thanks to all those who checked out my new drawing! Brought me some joy in my crappy life. Lol! So yeah, if you haven’t seen my new drawing, please do because I appreciate it:
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With my last post I talked about how I hit a deer with my brand new car and this was the first deer I’ve ever hit in my life. Where I live in upstate NY, there are deer EVERYWHERE! So up here, it’s often not a matter of “if” you’ve ever hit a deer, it’s “when” will you or have you hit a deer. I think everyone I know has hit a deer at some point in their lives so my time was up, I guess…just wish it wasn’t only 2 weeks after buying a brand new one.

We got a MONSTER snow storm today. A mix of rain and then sleet and snow. I had to drive into work and a normally 35 minutes drive took me an hour because my drive is virtually all highway and people weren’t going any faster than 40mph because the roads were so bad. The casino actually closed early too which rarely happens so instead of getting out at 3am, I got out about 11pm and got home a little after midnight. The storm is supposed to continue till late Friday so that’s going to be swell. I really hate the weather here…I don’t know why I still live here. I’ve been thinking of moving to North Carolina for awhile because my sister lives down there and she loves the weather. I just can’t handle the winters anymore and am tired of being cold all the time. And then seeing how much my bills go up during the winter months as well because of the cost of heating. Ergh. Perhaps one day I’ll actually have enough motivation to move again.XD

I hate my life

I finished a new drawing so if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative:

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Whelp, just as things were starting to clear up in my life and start to look positive, the cosmos have to dump a new one on me. That being a deer bolting out in front of me in my brand new car while driving home from work on the highway. It was dark and I had zero type to brake and it did about $4,000 damage on my car that I hadn’t even owned for 2 weeks. And yes, the deer was killed. I didn’t go look at it but my dad and the police officer did and they said its neck was broken so it was killed instantly. Stupid idiot deer. It’s going to be a few weeks before I get my own car back but I really should count my blessings that I wasn’t badly hurt since I know of people getting killed hitting a deer going the speed I was going.

So, I had to rent a car and my insurance provides that coverage up to a certain amount and Enterprise didn’t have a car available so I had to wait for one. So, they give me one and in less than 24 hours, one of the tires is flat. Enterprise is trying to charge me for it but my dad and I are arguing it because it’s a slow leak so it’s been leaking for awhile and must have been leaking prior to them giving it to me. Enterprise sucks, if/when you guys are old enough to drive and need to rent a car, never rent from Enterprise because they give you cars with problems and then stick you with a bill to fix them.

Work has been the same…at least things are slowing down due to the winter season and people don’t like driving out in the cold and snow so it slows the casino down which is nice.

So, that’s what’s been going on in my life the past couple weeks in a nutshell. The drawing above should have been done a couple weeks ago but with all the bull crap with the deer and my car and Enterprise, I didn’t get time to work on it till yesterday. *le sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m updating in the middle of the day which is a new for me....I was going to update last night but when I got home from work I was too sleepy and went right to bed.
Anyway, I hope those who live in the state had a nice Thanksgiving! I got to go to my grandma’s house and eat with my family like we do every year. I had to leave early to go to work though. That seems to be a standard issue since I’m always stuck working on major holidays. I had emailed my boss and pretty much told him if he doesn’t give me Christmas off, then I’m going to human resources to complain since in the 2 ½ years I worked there, I only had one holiday off and technically, my boss is supposed to rotate who works holidays and who doesn’t to make it fair.

Anyhoo, I want to thank everyone for giving me such a warm welcome back to theO! Amazingly enough, I was actually thinking of not coming back because I’ve been pretty depressed in my own, personal life and didn’t think people here gave two craps about me and whether I came back or not. But I was proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the warm greetings I got when I signed onto theO chat that evening and actually had a few asking me when a new drawing would be coming out by me which also perked my mood since during my self-loathing funk, I wasn’t doing artwork either but MewMew, SomeGirl and some others certainly gave me some encouragement which I highly thank you guys for! *hugs*

My eating issues haven’t much improved…when I’m not hungry, the last thing I think about is forcing myself to eat but an EMT at the casino actually stopped me as I was walking to my department and commented that he thinks I’m getting too thin.>_< He said he notices it in the arms more than anything…but my arms have always been stickly! Even ask Adam because that’s the first comment he said to me when he put his arm around me to get a picture together.XD

Oh man, my kitty, Jenks just took a number 2 in his kitty litter pan and holy crow…does…it….REACK!!! *holds nose* Anyway, off the subject so I may go to a doctor if I keep losing more weight. *nods*

I seriously LOVE my new car and yes, for those who asked, I did get a red one like the one I posted a picture of in my last post. It’s so cheap to run and it’s nice and quiet and such smooth handling. Go Honda!


Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I’ve just been going through a lot that’s been keeping me away from this place. I’ll try and summarize what I’ve been up to the past few weeks:

My new kitty, Jenks is doing great! He’s gotten a little more rowdy but he always puts a smile on my face when I get home from a hard day at work when he plops down on the ground and looks up and me with that “pet me!!!!” face. Plus, Jenks is like a dog…he likes to play fetch and he follows me around EVERYWHERE! Wherever I am, he needs to be.

Work has been getting worse…worse in the fact that I’m having issues with a girl I work with. I just plain, can’t stand her. She’s 21 years old but acts like an 11 year old spoiled brat who is incredibly selfish and greedy and I can’t stand working with her. I’m hoping she gets fired or quits or something because I’ve had it…work is stressful enough without having to deal with her crap.
Financially, I’m doing very well since I’ve become a supervisor and get to cashier quite often so along with my charm, I’ve been getting incredible tips.

I’ve been having eating issues lately…I haven’t been eating well and I’ve dropped a lot of weight. I was already 35 pounds underweight for someone my height but I’ve lost even more and people at work have started to notice. It’s just that I’m not hungry! And when I eat, I take a couple bites and I’m full. I’ve been taking vitamin and calcium pills though so that’s good. I’ve been so tired too…I sleep and sleep and still feel exhausted and I almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple weeks ago. I had a drawing started back when I first got Jenks but I’ve just been so out of it I haven’t worked on it since. Hopefully, this funk will end soon.

In good news I bought a brand new car today!!! It’s a 2009 Sport Honda Fit and it’s gorgeous. I love it. It has all kinds of awesome features…one of my personal fave is that as I accelerate, the volume of my stereo goes up.XD It also tells me how many miles per gallon I’m getting , and going down the highway to work I was at 37.4 mpg which is awesome! I’m going to save a lot of money on gas which is a plus. Here’s a pictures of my new car:

Whelp, that’s most of what’s been going on in my life, sorry if it seemed long. >_>

My Boy

It’s been a busy week for me. Blah. I got my first $100 tip though yesterday at work! That made me happy!!! I’ve left the casino with over $100 in tips before but this was my first 100 dollar bill given to me. It was from a guy who won $25,000 and it was perfect because it was a slow night and I had made crap in tips till that point. WOHOO!!

So….I GOT MY KITTY!!!! I picked him up last Saturday from PetSmart and had to do paperwork for the humane society and pick up stuff for him and then I got to take him home! It was so cute though because when I went to get him from the store, the lady opened his cage and he was up on the 2nd row and he put his two front paws on my shoulder and jumped into my arms. He knew he was my boy.^^ I brought him back to my place and he wasn’t scared at all! Instantly wanted to play, he was eating and drinking just fine and he used his litter pan too which is a plus.
I ended up naming him Jenks (after one of my fave characters from a book series I love) and less than a week later, he already knows his name. He’s the perfect kitty, he’s doesn’t meow (unless he wants me to pet him), he doesn’t scratch the furniture, he loves to play, and the best part…he lets me sleep ALL night long. YOSH! FuzzButt never let me do that when I was at my parent’s house or when he stayed with me.XD Jenks just curls up next to me and sleeps in the bed. He’s a snuggler.

I started a new drawing today too! This was one of the first times Jenks has truly been a pest though because I’m trying to draw and he kept jumping on my drafting table and walking over my drawing and laying down on it and then kept trying to bite the top of my pencil while I was scribbling away.XD He wants *my* attention, that’s for sure! He ended up sleeping on my lap most of the time I was drawing so that was okay.^
So anyhoo, here’s some pictures of my Jenks (he’s 8 months old if anybody wondered):
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