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Friday the 13th

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! Luv you guys! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a linky-poo:

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So how is everyone on this merry Friday the 13th? I really don’t believe in superstitions so this is just another Friday to me. Oh, and YAY! My mom just dropped off a space heater I ordered. HEAT! YOSH!!! I am so tired of cold weather and winter up here. You guys know the phrase, “chilled to the bone?” I feel like that virtually all winter long where you just don’t feel quite warm enough. My hands always feel like that of a corpse. The heating is great in my apartment since to cut down the heat cost, my bro had shut off most of the vents and my living room is quite large so it doesn’t get enough heat from that one heating duct. Bah!

Oh, and I doubt I’ll be updating again on Saturday so happy Valentines Day! Most people get depressed during this holiday if they don’t have a significant other…I don’t. lol! I just plain don’t care. I actually don’t like being in relationships. Too much drama and time needs to be put into it and I’m happy being a loner. In fact, a guest at the casino I work at asked for my number. He was a friend of a guy who works there and usually I just make up the excuse that I already have a boyfriend as to not hurt their feelings but I couldn’t because Shawn (the one who works there) would know that’s not true. D’oh! So he’s been texting me and he dropped by the casino yesterday and he wants to go to a movie.>_< Ergh, I had said okay but I’m just going to let him know now that I’m not interested in dating at the moment and it’s nothing personal against him, I just don’t want to pull myself away from my artwork since I’m on a pretty decent streak lately! I think I need to have a long distance relationship…like the dude lives in another country or something.XD I remember I did a card reading for fun at a Renaissance Fest, you know what the guy said I was based on my cards? A seductress! lol!

And special thanks to Adam for sending me an awesome Valentines gift! That being a ringtone he made of my fave singer, Gackt! YAY! And it happens to be one of my fave songs by him. How did Adam know?!!!>_> I have a gift I’m going to make for Adam as soon as I finish something I’m working on now. Hee!


Hello everyone! I finished a new drawing and if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative:

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I’m super tired so I don’t have much to say right now. I have to open at work and it sucks when you’re used to closing every night of the week. I couldn’t sleep last night so…blah. And we have a meeting today about cutting drunks off when they’ve had too many. It’s so retarded that people in our department have to go because we’re not the ones serving these bozos alcohol.

Anyhoo, I got my hair dyed red and it looks totally awesome. I got so many compliments so it made me feel good. Gawd, I’m so tired. My boss is evil. Zzzzzz.


I’m being stalked by a putty-tat right now…>_> Little booger.

Anyhoo, how are all you wonderful people doing this fine filled freezing afternoon? I had a hair appointment yesterday but what I wanted to do she couldn’t get done in the amount of time set for me. See, my natural hair color is a really deep, dark, auburn but…I’m going gray!!! I’m in my 20’s and going gray!!!*weeps* It’s hereditary though…my mom and sis both had to start dying their hair in college and so did I.>_< Seriously, if I didn’t dye my hair I’d have like, Inuyasha hair.XD So anyway, I wanted to go a lighter reddish color, nothing crazy but just a little lighter and more vibrant but the problem is, with me having my hair dyed dark auburn you can’t just put a lighter shade of red on top of it and expect to be able to see it…they have to strip the color out of my hair and since I want red (a very difficult color to work with in hair) she needs at least 4 hours to play around.O_o So, I have another appt on Tuesday and I’m her last client so she can have as much time as needed. A little scary? I think so.XD But my hair stylist is truly amazing and I have a lot of faith in her.^^

Whelp, I’m still waiting to hear about the library assistant job that I applied for. The people I had used as references told me that they were contacted though from the library job so that’s good! It means they are looking into me at least! I’m still waiting for a phone call. *stares at phone*
I’m going to play with my brand-new printer today…I had to go and buy a USB cable for it…you know, if you spend $300 for a printer, the LEAST they could do is throw a USB cable in there because common sense tells you that, DUH, people are going to be using their computer to print out things! *bonks head* I had to spend $30 just for the cable! And it was 10% off too because I got the cable from Circuit City and that chain is going out of business. *grumbles* At least a Best Buy is in the process of being built like, right across the street. Lol! Have to wait till September though…*twiddles thumbs*

Oh and I download the Adobe Creative Suite CS4 package. I now have Adobe Photoshop CS4!! WOHOO! And a billion other Adobe products but that’s the main one I wanted.^_^

Fingers Crossed!

Uber thanks to all those who went and looked at and commented on my new drawing! Luv you guys!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a linky-poo:

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I’m glad people liked the new drawing and it looks like I already have some customers too! lol! On here and on Deviant Art. The next chibi I’m working on is going to be my OC elf that’s actually going to be my logo and mascot for my online/eBay business. In the book on selling on eBay, he highly recommends having one since it not only draws the customers to you but it also helps them remember you. So, I’m going to get that done and then move on to other chibis. I’m still trying to think of a store name though. I was thinking ‘Elves’ Anime, Art, and More.’ What do you think? The book recommends a store name that shows people exactly what kind of products you’re offering but not to be too complicated. Any suggestions would be wonderful and appreciated!

I applied for a new job. I REALLLLLLLLLY hope I get it because not only does it pay double what I make now but it’s also something I love. The job is a Librarian Assistant and it was on Craig’s List. I thought it had to be fate because for 1)I’ve NEVER been on Craig’s List before, 2)It had been posted that very day, and 3)Ever since I read the motivational book, ‘The Secret’ it said that if you’re not happy with your current job or you’re looking for a way to make extra money, then be on the hunt for anything that will help you. Hell-O, this is exactly what I need! A job that not only pays well but it’s with something I love. BOOKS! I keep repeating in my mind that I *will* get this job and hoping that the stars align and I get a call. *crosses fingers*

New Drawing and Fuzzbutt

Last week, I introduced my kitty Jenks, with my mom’s cat, Fuzzbutt. Needless to say, it was quite interesting. Jenks loves other cats but Fuzzbutt…ehhhhh, not so much. Fuzzbutt growled non-stop and it was that really funny growl too…if any of you have seen that video of that cat that’s growling but it sounds like he’s talking? That’s what FuzzButt sounds like and we got it on camera…I’m hoping to borrow the video camera from my parents to upload it on youTube.

Anyhoo, I finished my first chibi drawing in the series I’m doing to sell on eBay and at cons. I’m going to be making them into bookmarks and keychain and I spoiled myself rotten last night…I bought myself an Epson 1400 series printer that prints up to size 13 X 19”!!! It was a smidge pricey but as I read in that eBay book, “you have to spend money to make money” and I know when I by prints at cons, I prefer to buy the larger ones rather than the 8.5 X 11”. Plus, this is going to save me money too since having larger prints made at Kinkos or a printing place is a lot more then it would cost for the inks and paper. Plus, my printer has 6 separate color ink cartridges so if I run out of a color, I only have to buy that color rather than buying the larger ones that have 3 colors in one. Wohoo!

Anyhoo, I’m blabbing, if you guys could please take a look at my new drawing and comment, I’d be ever-so much appreciative:

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