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It's Alive!

How is everyone doing today? Well, I hope. I’m excited because the herbs I planted in a little pot are growing! It’s exciting for me because I’ve never planted anything in my life and to see them actually sprouting and growing makes me excited. So lame, I know but gotta appreciate the wonders of nature now and again.

So, on a semi-serious note I went to the doctor on Wednesday to talk to her about my moodiness, aggravation, getting pissed off for no particular reason, being sleepy all the time even when I sleep almost 10-11 hours a night, not wanting to do the things I love to do, losing weight, and well, constantly feeling guilty whenever I was actually happy. Whelp, I’m depressed! Duh, should have figured that one out. My doc couldn’t believe I waited so long to come and see her about this because I’ve been feeling like for almost a year and had to get passed my stubbornness to finally go and do something about it since all the things I tried to do myself, would work maybe for a few days and then I’d sink right back down. Oh, I hid it well, obviously but it’s becoming harder and harder for me to mask it and I’m just plain tired of not feeling like me.

My doc put me on anti-depressants and I must have misunderstood her because she told me the symptoms I would most likely be feeling while I adapted to the medication would settle in about a week. Ney, what I didn’t understand is that it would take about a week before the symptoms would stop. It’s literally changing around the chemicals in my brain and one of the side effects is muscle cramping and I just figured just a little cramp here and there but oh. My. GOD was I wrong. It literally felt like my muscles were contracting to the point that they wanted to bust through my skin. My mind was going a mile a minute and I just couldn’t hold still, I was literally just doing circles around my apartment, murmuring to myself, ‘it’s just the meds, it’s just the meds, it’s just the meds.’ Thank goodness my doc prescribed some mad hard-core pain killers/muscle relaxers that calmed me down after I took it. I still feel like my neck is tighter than all ghetto but I can deal with that…and my hands are shaky too but I can deal with that as well. lol! But I do feel better…in the head anyway.*snicker*

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend and for those lucky souls that actually have Sunday off, enjoy your Easter.


How is everyone doing on this gloomy day? Well, I’m sure it’s not gloomy everywhere but it sure as heck ugly and gray outside here. Bleh.

I had Sunday off from work and I relaxed most of the day. I really need to start a new drawing but I’ve gotten lazy. I mostly just read and watched Ghost Hunters all day on DVD.XD I love that show. I don’t like the International one because I don’t like that group of ghost hunters. I like the originals…they’re personalities are so much more…likable. I love how Steve always screws with Tango…like the episode where Tango first joins their crew and Steve finds a princess tiara in the little girl’s room and puts it on Tango’s head convincing him that it was a light. He wore that thing for hours until finally Jason and Grant see him and are like, “what the hell is that on your head?!” lol!

I finished a short Japanese drama called, ‘Koizoro,’ which means, ‘Skies of Love.’ It’s a made-for-TV long running movie type thing that’s 6 episodes long. I downloaded it because in the picture of the 2 main characters the guy had white hair and was hot so I wanted to see it. lol! It was so incredibly good but I cried my eyes out like nobody’s business. It’s a wonderful show that I highly recommend but keep a box of tissues next to you because when I actually cry over something, it’s pretty damn sad.
Here’s a couple screencaps from the show of the 2 main characters, Mika and Hiro. I love Hiro he is so stinkin’ adorable:

Shooting in Binghamton

For those who are seeing the news with the shooting in Binghamton, NY where 13-14 people were killed and 26 wounded, that's only 10 minutes to where I live. It's actually only a block to where the dance studio is where I take my belly dancing lessons. Just letting people know that I'm okay since I've gotten a few messages and texts from friends since they know I live nearby and go there as well. The shooter was a guy who was laid off from IBM which has been firing people recently in our area due to the economic problems. So yeah, my thoughts go to those who lost their lives as well as the family of those people as well.

The Red of it All

I hurt my back again yesterday right before work. I tend to hurt my neck and back frequently, last time I went to the doctor he has said that I should try building muscle in those places so I wouldn’t hurt myself as often doing mundane things. Lol! I hurt my neck the first time opening a water bottle, the 2nd time lifting a box of dimes at work. I hurt my back the first time lifting my laptop, this 2nd time from yesterday was blowing my nose.XD Pathetic, I know. I’m thinking my belly dance class will help build more muscle but mostly it just keeps you trim more than anything. Bah, whatever. I still went to work like a good little employee…all doped up on muscle relaxers and pain killers but hey, I was there!

I had a guest at the casino I work at last night, ask me to marry him.O_o At first I was like, you wouldn’t want to marry me because then you couldn’t gamble here! But then he said that that was okay, I guess he has a serious thing for redheads because he just wouldn’t let up about how much he loved my hair. I didn’t want to break his heart and tell him it wasn’t natural. Lol! My hair color is similar looking to Donna’s from ‘That 70’s Show’ so I guess that’s good he couldn’t tell it was dyed. Heehee! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments since I’ve gone red and my tips at work have even gone up.XD The dude who asked me to marry him was like, old enough to be my dad though so yeck.

In a couple weeks I’ll be in North Carolina for my sister’s wedding. I can’t wait because I just want to go down south since I love the weather! Plus, it’s vacation time off from work too. Yesssssss.

New Theme

I finally changed my theme and it’s the first time I made a theme around one of my own drawings. I think it turned out pretty well although I’m kinda testing to make sure everything is fitting the way it should on the page. Just curious, what’s your guy’s monitor resolution? Mine’s actually 1280X800 but I know that it’s a little of an odd-ball size so didn’t make my theme around my resolution and stuck with the standard size although you can't really make much of a "theme" here without html.

I had my belly dance class today and it was actually my first time in the advance class. My teacher last week asked me to join the advanced class so that was cool. The class is in the middle of a routine though so it was a little hard for me to keep up since I don’t know their steps yet but they still said I did well. I also bought another clothing item off my instructor (she sells belly dance clothes) and it’s a pair of silky black pants that are really tight up top and then hugely bell out at the bottom and since it’s silk when you spin it gives such a cool effect! Plus, it has some kinda see-throughy swirls that go up the leg and it looks so neat. I love those pants.XD

My parents ended up getting the house in Florida. They put in a bid and they got it so they’re excited that they’ll have a winter home. I look forward to visiting during the frigid winter months that’s for sure!

Well, that’s all for now, behave everyone and I’ll be seeing ya!