You can’t stay young forever but you can be immature for the rest of your life.
Welcome to my mind. I’m an animal loving, bishie crazed, Dorito munching, ramen eating, elf obsessing, manga reading, fairy fluttering, anime watching, video game playing, lovable artist who tends to find humor in the most idiotic ways…comes from a childhood of nothing but Looney Tunes and Animaniacs.

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I tend to bounce between here and my first love, MyOtaku
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I'm getting it...slowly.

Well, I'm sorta kinda starting to understand Worlds. Thank you SessLover18 for telling me how to edit my site! I was looking around forever just trying to see how to put a BG image and stuff on here. I found some good BBC code sites so I'll be tinkering with those on future posts.

I still love myO dearly and don't want to see it vanish. I know Adam is going to keep it up but if NO one is on the site...then I dunno. I've been thinking of leaving if that's the case but honestly, I've met too many great people here and I know many are moving to Worlds and I don't want to lose contact with anyone. At least we can still update the journals and all but I'll miss the super customization we had on myO. I wish all these awesome new features like blocking people, responding to comments, etc, had been applied to myO rather then making a whole new blogging site.

Ah well, we are Otaku and we shall adjust.

My kitty, FuzzButt managed to get on top of my saltwater fish tank...he's sleeping on top of it.XD XD Figures, I have comfy couches and chairs and he has his own loft yet he choses to sleep on top of the hard glass of the fish tank. Baka neko.XD

Tinkering with Vibrants

Hi! Just testing this new Worlds thingy out. This is ElvesAteMyRamen from myO and boy, am I glad that Adam made it so others couldn't take our usernames because I'd have been livid if someone snagged EAMR before *I* could have.

I've already created a World for my Prince Yuki Fan Club...unfortunately, a bunch of others already did too. lol! But for those 250+ members that are already part of the original myO Prince Yuki fan club, the title of it is 'Prince Yuki Fan Unite' and I'm going to be tinkering with that site soon.

Let's see how this picture thing works...I have this same image on my myO first time seeing official artwork for the 'Vampire Knight' ANIME!! *fangirl squeal*