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Live Long and Prosper

I wasn’t going to update today and was commenting on other people’s posts and thought, what they hey, may as well!

I bought a brand-spanking new 4th generation ipod Nano! Yosh! I paid $50 less than retail with NO tax and FREE shipping! Gotta love ebay. Plus, it’s green! My favey color! It plays video which is awesome. I had accidentally downloaded a video from a performance with Adam Lambert on American Idol (I meant to just get his song) but now I’m glad I got it because it’s my fave performance of his…when he sings ‘Mad World.’ Oh man, I get all weepy every time he sings it. Plus, Adam is in the top 2!! He better win or I’m going to rebel! *shakes fist*
I watched the movie ‘Yes Man’ with Jim Carrey the other day. I’ve always been a big Jim Carrey fan since I was a wee little one when ‘The Mask’ came out. This movie was so funny and good! I recommend it.

I saw the new ‘Star Trek’ movie with my friend Ty and my other pal, Moog. I’m not a big fan of space stuff…like Star Trek or Star Wars…I’m a Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, renaissance past stuff kind of person. However, this movie was really REALLY good! I was edge of my seat a LOT! I decided that the Vulcans are the elves of the future. Lol! The way they talk and act is very elvish.

Oh, and this is something I keep on forgetting but if you’re in a bookstore and see the manga, ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ volume 7, BUY IT!!!!!! For yours truly is published in it! It’s my winning doujinshi and it’s in the back of the book. I was so excited to see me published in a manga! My dad got a little misty eyed when I gave him a copy. Lol! He just said, ‘My little girl is a published artist.’ Awwwww.

Whelp, that’s all for now. Here’s a picky of the 2 main heroes of Star Trek…young Kirk and Spock…eye-candy for the ladies. Spock grew on me quickly in the movie…I think it’s just the pointy ears. Lol!


Sorry I’ve been gone so long again! I doubt too many noticed though.XD I’ve been popping in here and there mostly reading updates and people posts but not commenting due to lack of time. The horse racing season has started at the casino I work at so things are getting hectic again. It doesn’t help that a fellow supervisor I work with got sick and was out for a month so the rest of us had to cover her shifts.

Anyhoo, I’ve been doing well! I had to get some blood work done since I went on anti-depressants just to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious. Getting the blood drawn wasn’t too bad! The lady was really quick about it and she got my vein the first try…she said it helped that my arms are so skinny and you can physically see the vein around my elbow to poke. Everything came back negative with my blood work which is marvelous…means there isn’t something more going on besides in my head.XD A funny thing was that they tested the sodium content of my blood as well and my doc said it looked great…that made me giggle considering I eat so much ramen and sodium-enriched food I thought it would be through the roof. I guess my body has adapted to it.

I’ve been working on a new drawing…it’s slowly getting there but I’m having trouble focusing on it since I’m always bouncing around finding more crap to do. *snicker* It’s a fan art of Inuyasha and Kagome…haven’t done one of those in awhile.
My NYAF mascot didn’t win but it did make it into the top 10 which was enough for me! I just wanted the free pass to give to my pal, Angie and really, I don’t need 50 free mangas. Lol! I hate to admit…I don’t think I own a single Del Rey manga. Lol! I’ll own some now since the top 10 get 4 or 5 freebies so that’s plenty. My manga/book collection is already big enough. I had a feeling the one that won would win…wow, that was a mouthful. I think everyone knew that one would get it from the get-go. It was very well done!

Whelp, that’s all for now…my kitty, Jenks is begging me for some play time and he’s just too cute to say no too!


Whelp, I’m home now and it’s so nice to be at my own place again! My kitty, Jenks was obnoxiously happy to see me. When I opened the door, he just flopped on the ground and was rolling and purring and he was licking my hand as I was petting him. He missed his mamma!

My sister’s wedding ceremony went great. It was nice and small and my sister’s dress was GORGEOUS! It was like a Renaissance/Greek goddess looking dress and it was beautiful! *sniff*
One thing I still can’t get over is how slow the fast food service is in the south. Like really! Up north it you get your food usually in less than 3 minutes and if you’re going through drive-through, about 45 seconds. We went to a few fast food places down south and each one took flippin’ forever! My sister said that “fast” doesn’t quite mean the same thing we think of in NY. Lol! I didn’t complain or anything at the places since I didn’t really care but it took us like 10 minutes to get our food at the Burger King. *snicker*

Anyhoo, I had totally missed the post on the Official Worlds page that the NYAF Mascot contest was in play! Thank goodness for me reading my dear pal, MewMew’s page to find out about it. lol! I already knew what I was going to do though so I just threw it together and got it done in record time! Well, for me anyway. I actually called in sick to my job so I could stay home and work on it.>_> Well, that and I just reeeeeeally didn’t want to go into work that night. But yeah, it’s all done and it you could take a look and comment and vote, I’d appreciate it! *huggles*
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North Carolina

Hello everyone! I’m here in lovely North Carolina killing time until my sister’s wedding at 5:30pm. It’s so sunny and warm here! Then again, I hear it’s really sunny and warm in NY now too so d’oh! Figures it would be nice as soon as we leave.

We drove down to Maryland Thursday first and stayed at my aunt’s house and then drove down the rest of the way to NC from there. It’s nice to see green on the trees down here…my dad said that their seasons are a few weeks ahead of ours. This is my first time going on a long trip with a laptop…’tis very nice since I have an extended 6 hours battery life on my lappy so I watched anime and Japanese dramas for a portion of the way. Hee! The rest of the time I either slept or read books and mangas. I’m getting tired of eating out though…I’m not used to eating so much food let alone, high in fat and calorie food so yeck. Still delicious that’s for sure but yeck. We stopped at McDonalds a couple times and I always get a Happy Meal since a regular one is too much. *snicker*

The guy my sister’s marrying already has 2 kids so I have a niece and nephew now! I gave my Happy Meal toys to them and they were happy.XD The girl is in kindergarten and the boy is in 2nd grade and the girl is a little bundle of energy. My goodness is she exhausting. My sis and I are similar in that we don’t want children of our own so it’s perfect for her since now she has kids without having to actually, you know, have them herself.XD

I miss my kitty, Jenks sooooooooo much!!!! My friend Ty is stopping by and feeding him and playing with him and he said that Jenks really missed me. *sniff* Whelp, that’s all for now. Bye bye!

Titles are Annoying

How’s everyone doing this lovely Monday? It’s nice here because it’s finally warming up again. We were warm and then it suddenly got cold…when I walked out to my car after work Saturday night there was frost all over it. My sister’s wedding is this coming weekend and I cannot wait! Going down to warm North Carolina sounds marvelous. I’m going to miss Jenks though and I know he’ll miss me. He’ll probably be throwing himself with love at me when I come home.XD

I’ve been feeling great since I’ve been put on anti-depressants. Like, really TRULY great. Not the fake great I always told people because I’m the kind of person that likes to suffer in silence and not throw my woes onto others. I have to go to the doc again to get blood work done though just so they can make sure that my moodiness and weight loss isn’t something more serious. I’m procrastinating though because, like virtually everyone on the planet, I hate needles. I always get all light-headed and woozy. *snicker* My muscles are still tighter than all ghetto due to the meds but meh, I know it’s temporary so it’ll be worth it.

I let a coworker of mine borrow my ‘Twilight’ DVD and she was honored. lol! They all know how much I love that series and how fussy I am about my books and DVDs.XD She returned it to me the next day and said she really liked it! Her only complaint was she wished there was sex in it. LOL! At first I’m like, “what kind of audience do you think this was geared for?!” and then had to explain to her what they don’t explain sex-wise with a vampire until what? The 2nd book? Maybe it was the first, I don’t remember. It feels so long ago.

And for those who watch American Idol…Adam Lambert pwned!!! I love that boy and I actually PURCHASED his singles from iTunes. lol! I rarely purchase music but he was worth it.^_~
Mmmmmm….Kaname and Zero: