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Mario Kart and Stuff

I’m taking my dad out to a late Father’s Day dinner tonight…yes, SUPER late Father’s day present but my dad and my own schedule don’t exactly coordinate since I work nights and well…he sleeps like most people do at night.XD He’s then treating *me* to the new Batman movie…even though I’ve already seen it but he wants to see it and my mom doesn’t like movies so he wanted someone to go with him. I enjoyed the movie and I just watched Batman Begins the other night so now I can understand certain parts better.

My friend, Ty came over the other night. He brought over Mario Kart Wii and I thoroughly kicked his butt at it. He’s played this game SO many times and I’ve only played it once and I still whooped him. He just glares at me while I gloat about it. We then ordered Chinese food and I got something I’ve never had before which was Curry Chicken with Onion and it was yummy! Very spicy even for curry! And then we watched the first Hellboy movie. We both had wanted to see Hellboy 2 in the theaters but it’s not playing anymore. BOO! I just wanted to see it since the main bad guy is an elf…and me love the elves, evil or no!
I have a day off from work and then I have a 7 day stretch and then I finally have my vacation!!! YAYZ!!! Even though my vacation is less than a week long. I could have taken off longer but I needed to save some days for the end of September since I was asked to be a guest artist again at the NY Anime Fest and I’ll need time off for that. *sigh* I miss the good ‘ol days when I went to school and had all summer off.

Picture of the Day is of Sephiroth! *pets his hair*


Well, I’m about half-way through the fourth book in the Twilight series, ‘Breaking Dawn.’ It’s so good and it’s taken a lot of turns I was *not* expecting! I probably would have had it completely read by now if it wasn’t for work. Stupid work taking away from my reading time! BAH! But if anyone out there has already finished it and dares ruin it for me…I will send my minion of evil gnomes on you!!! *shakes fist*

Something interesting happened at work yesterday…we had a bat in our department of the casino!! Like…a real bat, not a baseball bat. It’s so funny since we’re in the “secured area” too because we work with all the money but somehow, a bat still got in and it was flying all over the place and my coworkers were shutting themselves in any room they could to get away from it. I was laughing so hard because I’m not afraid of bat…granted, I don’t want one landing on me but I think they’re really cool and cute. Well, at one point, one of my coworkers named Sue had to go into the back hallway to get something and she asked me to “watch her back” because she was scared of the bat. Well, if anyone knows me, that was a really stupid thing of her to ask because I love messing with people.^_~ So as she was creeping down the hallway all quietly and stealthy-like, I scream, “OMIGOD!!! LOOK OUT!!!” Oh man, I swear she leapt 18 feet in the air and screamed bloody murder and bolts back towards ducking and cowering as she goes. I was laughing my ass off and she finally realized I was screwing with her and she started laughing and then proceeded to call me all sorts of choice words I dare not repeat on this site.XD XD XD But anyway, long story short, security eventually got the bat out of there and set it free so now we are no longer infested with bats in our “secured area.”

Oh yeah, and the other day when I was talking about the oh-so-wonderful anime, Vampire Knight I had said it was 12 episodes…it is actually 13 and don’t know why I typed 12…I have a tendency to round numbers because I don’t like odd numbers for some reason. It still needs to be longer though! AH!

Breaking Dawn

Whelp, I didn’t win the bossman cupcake contest. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed…I think I put too much into it…in that I added too many extras onto him, like making him a sorcerer and doing something with the cherry and stuff. It’s just the way I roll, I can’t make myself just make a cupcake with a face on it! I just can’t!! I suppose that is my downfall, I need to learn to not put so much into my pieces for contests, I think.XD

So work has been crappy like always. I’m on the night shift…5:30pm-3:30am and that’s the way it’s been for a long time and now suddenly, my boss randomly has me coming in on the morning shift where I have to be there by 9am…needless to say, my mind and body doesn’t appreciate things being flip-flopped like that. I had to open yesterday…I got home at 7:30pm and zonked out for 3 hours and ended up staying up till 4:30am and then had to close tonight at work. BAH! My boss is becoming more and more evil.

One good thing today was that one of the girls I work with reminded me that the new book in the Twilight series came out!! I’ve been so occupied that I had forgotten! So, I got out of work tonight and went straight to our 24 hour Wal-Mart and was pleased they had plenty of copies of Breaking Dawn so I purchased one. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT!!!! AHH! Edward Cullens, here I come!! And yes, for those who had mentioned it before, I do know about the movie. I’ve seen the trailer for it as well as a snippet they have of a scene on their official website. I’m still a little iffy about it only because I don’t really like the guy who’s Edward…he just doesn’t seem like Edward! He’s someone I call a “2-faced actor” where sometimes he looks amazingly hot and then the next shot, he doesn’t and Edward is supposed to be really REALLY good looking. I think they could have found someone better but meh, I’ll still be going to see it, don’t you worry about that!!
Here’s the “official poster” for the flick…Edward looks very nice in this shot.

Much Luv to Vampire Knight!

Thanks to everyone who checked out my evil cupcake contest entry! It actually got more comments and faves then I thought it would for just being a cupcake…even made it to the front page! lol! But thanks, it is appreciated.

So yeah, changed my theme…I meant to change it earlier in the summer for the change of seasons but it kinda slipped my mind, I guess. But YAY! Elves has an elf theme now...even though it looks kinda crappy on Worlds.XD Oh well!
So, I finally got to watch the Vampire Knight anime…I had it downloaded on my computer for quite some time but never got the chance to watch it. So, I started it and ended up watching the WHOLE thing in one setting. Well, that’s a lie, I stopped once to watch the new episode of Ghost Hunters on Sci-fi. It should be longer than 12 episodes though! They left us hanging! BAH! Even though I pretty much figured out it was going to end like that but still, they should have had more! Ah well, I have the mangas so I’ll just keep on reading them! I loved the anime though! The voices were perfect and man, I have a new crush on Zero…I always fall for the lavender-eyed dudes though…and he’s left-handed so that made him doubly awesome.XD Can’t help but find a whole anime based on hot vampires entertaining! But, of course, the story is great too.

And here’s a picture of Zero-kun and Kaname-sama! *wiggles in between them*


So, it’s 5:36am…got home from work about an hour ago and quickly finished up my contest entry for Adam’s bossman evil cupcake contest before bed.XD I think it turned out pretty well…seeing as how I had to rack my brains to try and figure out how to create and draw an evil cupcake. lol! But, if you can take a look and comment, I’d appreciate it:
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Work has been keeping my pretty stressed out the past few days. I guess you can say, I had an emotional breakdown on Friday where I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop. My coworkers were like, OMG! What’s wrong?! Which makes it worse because I don’t like being consoled or spoken to when I’m upset but they were freaked out because I don’t really…show emotions besides being happy, I suppose. Our department has been short-handed for months now…since March and my boss has been having me do the jobs of up to 3 people a day (while getting paid for one) and it’s been non-stop overtime and I feel so overworked, so being taken advantage of, and so feeling under-appreciated that I think the weight of it all finally crashed in on me and I couldn’t hold back my emotions anymore and my happy mask cracked because I couldn’t hold it in place anymore. *le sigh* But I’m just trying to stay strong and one of the ladies I work with brought me a root beer float to make me feel better and it did. I have a few days vacation coming up in a few weeks so I hope that helps stress detox me a little.

And I had Monday off and my boys, Ty and Phil took me to go see the new Batman movie which was as awesome as everyone said it was. Heath Ledger was down-right brilliant as the Joker. And then we swung by Borders and I bought some books and manga…I guess when life lets you down, there’s always manga to cheer you up.