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Vacation from a vacation...

Thanks for all the welcome backs from my vacation! Makes me feel special indeed! It was tough going back to work since 6 days off isn’t enough!! Plus, we were so busy having fun that I need a vacation from my vacation.XD I have today off though so that’ll be good because I need time to catch up with some artworks time…having done anything in that department in a loooong time. My pal, Angie and I came up with this great idea for a short manga that was inspired from us going to the Renaissance Festival. We thought it would be a cool story if an elf from the real “Renaissance” time happened to go through a portal or something and ended up in the middle of a Renaissance Fest here in today’s time. Here he is, thinking he’s just in another village but then he’s seeing cameras and weird clothing and fairy wings for sale and weird food items, etc. etc. and trying to figure out what’s going on and what these “contraptions” are. We thought it would be cool since Tokyopop holds a short manga contest every year and that would make a good story but we came up with enough ideas to make this into a long-running manga too if we got enough fans. So yeah, I was going to come up with some concept art for the main elf character and stuff. Should be fun!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d share a few pictures I took on my vacation. This first one is the outside of the Eastern State Penitentiary (considered one of the most haunted places in the country), I think the building itself is all cool and Castle-like:
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The door closest to my camera is the one that started shaking as I walked past it (more details on that ghostly experience in my last post):
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For those who watched ‘Ghost Hunters’ on Sci-Fi, the walkway on the right is where they caught the black form walking towards the camera:
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I have tons of pictures from the Renaissance Fest but here’s one that I thought was cool…it comes from one of the acrobat shows performed:
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This last picture is SO one of my favorite pictures ever. We got a guy to get a picture of all of us at the Ren. Fest and I love it since I consider this group my closest friends and it’s super rare that all of us are together:

Vacations are too short

I’m back from my vacation! Miss me? *crickets chirp*….well, it was only a week but such a fun week!
My friend, Angie, from New York City came up and stayed with me. Over the weekend, she, Tyler, Gavin, and I all went down to Philadelphia to stay with my friends who had a townhouse down there, Cara, Howard, Courtney, and Phil. The first day we went to the Renaissance Festival which was awesomeness. After that we went to Hershey Park to take the Hershey tour just so we could get free chocolate. YAY!

The next day we went to the Eastern State of the most haunted places in the country (anyone who’s a fan of ‘Ghost Hunters’ on Sci-Fi may know the episode where they went there…it was the one where Brian freaks out and him and the cameraman run off and he’s yelling “DUDE, RUN!!!”…it’s also the episode where they saw a black form walk towards the camera and then turn around and go back). I had something interesting happen to me though when we were talking down one of the halls…some of the old prison cells are left open while others are boarded closed, well, as I walked past one of the boarded doors, it shook!!! Like…it sounded like someone had grabbed a latch and was shaking it. I just stopped and asked the others if they had heard that. This place gives everyone headphones to wear to listen to documentary when walking the place but I had taken one of the headphones off and no one else had heard it. The first thing I did was try and see if the wind had shook the door (Ghost Hunters refer to this as “debunking”…pretty much trying to figure out anything else it could be besides a ghost), so I put my hand to the door and tried to shake it…nothing…that door was boarded completely solid. Then Angie tried it and again, she couldn’t get it to shake at all. Angie said that we were being followed and I bet anything that if there was something following us that it chose me to shake the door at since I was the only one who would have heard it with my headphones being off. Pretty darn creepy but so cool at the same time. Now I have a ghost story to tell people.

Whelp, I have more fun stories to tell from my vacation but will save those for later. But, I leave with a quote said by my friend, Howard to Gavin that amused me for some reason:
“Dude, you’re just mad ‘cause I slayed you.”


Whelp, my week straight of work has finally ended and my week of vacation now beings! YAY! I know the week is going to fly by and before I know it, I’ll be at work again.>_< I’m trying not to dread it too much but my friend Angie from NYC is coming up and staying with me and my other friend Gavin, is coming up from Colorado as well. We’re going to be visiting some other friends in Philadelphia and then we’re going to hit the humungo Renaissance Festival there. It shall be fun! I don’t know how much I’ll be on during that time…probably slim to none but it’s only a week so I doubt I’ll be missed.XD

Anyhoo, I’m tired as heck (since it’s 4:38am)…I got home around 3:30am and cleaned my apartment a little. The people who live below me are away in California right now and they left their garbage by the side of the house and I took it to the curb because it was smelling mighty foul…and then I notice maggots crawling all over it! BLECK! Glad I took it to the curb tonight since a week from now…who knows what else would be living in that.>_< Whelp, on that night, I’m off to bed! *grabs an elf to snuggle with*

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

Let me buy my onion rings in peace!!

The other day at work, I had forgotten my key to get into my locker. Not too big of a deal…except my bowl for my ramen was in there NOOOO!!! I always bring in ramen for my din din at work but wash and leave my bowl in my locker so…*sniff* No ramen for me yesterday. I bet the stinkin’ Elves stole my key! *shakes fist at them* I ended up ordering onion rings from the casino’s bar but when I went to go pay for them, I was getting hit on left and right by the guys drinking there! I’m like BAH! Leave me alone!!! I just want to go and eat my onion rings!!!

So, I’ve been staying up later than usual *cough*BlameMarioKartWii*cough* I can’t help it!! It’s SO much fun but what I’m addicted to is the ever-so wonderful wi-fi feature of the Wii so I’ve been dueling people on Mario Kart from around the world! You can choose to race against just friends, regional, or worldwide and of course, I want to battle worldwide and it’s neat because it tells you where your opponents are from. In one race, I was racing against people from Japan, Australia, France, Britain, China, Canada, Germany, etc. etc. I think it’s really cool! I met my match though…it came from a guy from Japan named Mirotu-Hino…he was my rival. Him and I were going back and forth from 1st to 2nd place. Grrrr. But it’s so addicting! I’d be playing it a lot more but stupid work taking away from my Mario Kart Wii time!! Feh!

Oh, and I found out from Mrs.Sessy514 that there’s going to be a season 2 of the anime, Vampire Knight coming out!!! AHHHH!!!! I looked it up and sure enough! Season 2 is going to start airing in Japan! YAY! I didn’t think they were going to continue it because most anime series that are only 13 episodes long means that that’s it. There’s no more. But there will be more of Vampire Knight!! *grabs Zero and dances with him* Now I just have to try and wait patiently for October to get here. *twiddles thumbs* And here’s a piccy from Vampire Knight to conclude my post:


So, I took my dad out to dinner. We ate at Red Lobster since he loves that place but my mom doesn’t so it was a nice treat. I hate fish but looooooove shrimp so that’s what I got. I also got a drink called a Bahama Mama and it was so delicious. It had more alcohol in it then I thought though since my head and limbs were feeling all soft and fuzzy pretty quickly.
My dad then treated *me* to see the new Batman movie again…like I said in my last post, I had already seen it but he hadn’t and since my mom doesn’t like movies, he wanted someone to go with him. He really liked it too.^^

My boys and I have a new curse word. For those who haven’t seen the new Batman, there’s this part where they’re talking about ferries…as in ferry boats but when I had first seen it, I thought they were referring to mythical, fantasy fairies (it didn’t take me long to catch on they met boats) but when Batman would say “Ferries” it’s in this super-deep, gruff voice, it made us laugh just hearing him say “ferries” like that. So now, when we get mad we just say, “Ferries!” in the deep voice. Heehee! You just have to hear it. It makes me giggle.
I went out and bought Mario Kart Wii for myself. It was so fun playing it with Ty that I wanted it for myself since I have a hankering for some playing! I like being Peach the most on the Mach Bike. That’s what I like most about the new Mario Kart…that you can ride motorcycles in it! Ty and I thought it would be awesome if they had a Super Smash Bros. version of Mario Kart. Like you could be Pikachu, or Zelda, or Pit or any of the Super Smash Bros. characters. And if you were Link you could swipe people with your sword as you went by them.XD That would be narly.

Picture of the Day comes from some anime I don’t know the name too but thought the illustration was awesome.XD Ferries!!