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Welcome to my mind. I’m an animal loving, bishie crazed, Dorito munching, ramen eating, elf obsessing, manga reading, fairy fluttering, anime watching, video game playing, lovable artist who tends to find humor in the most idiotic ways…comes from a childhood of nothing but Looney Tunes and Animaniacs.

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Cosplay and Stuff

Thanks for those who checked out my new drawing and commented on it! I do appreciate it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would appreciate if you would since like, no one was around yesterday
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I’ve been preparing for my workshop at the NY Anime Festival. I’m excited about NYAF this year because the illustrator for Final Fantasy will be there! I’m sooooo getting him so sign a poster for me. Also, I’m cosplaying this year as Kallen Stadfield from Code Geass! I got it off ebay and it’s being custom made for me as we speak…here’s what the outfit looks like:
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Isn’t it hot?! It doesn’t come with the wig though and it took me awhile to find a wig that would work and I ended up getting this one:
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And I talked to my hair stylist and she’s going to style the wig for me so it looks like Kallen’s since I’m afraid I’d ruin the wig and I’m having that sucker expressed shipped to me from China so I don’t want to screw it up! I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun.

The Elf is Complete...

Sorry for being gone so long. I’ve just been busy…the real world beckons whether I want it to or not. My belly dancing class has proved to be a great stress reliever while work has been a killer and I found what little time I have had at home, working on my drawing of the elf I mentioned for my manga idea. I’ve finished it and uploaded it and my CG coloring has changed a little…I saw a manga cover in which the manga-ka has colored her piece in a mix of crisp lines and blended colors and I really liked it so I tried it for this one and like how it turned out! So, if you could take a look at it and comment on it, I’d be very appreciative:
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I miss having holidays off...

So, I was all looking forward to having Labor Day off and then…I get a call. From one of the ladies I work with begging me to switch days with her because she wants Labor Day off. Ergh…and then she started with the ‘this will be one of the only days I can spend with my husband’ and ‘we wanted to have a picnic with the kid’ basically, GUILTING me into subduing to her will. I agreed but man, I wish she could have asked me PRIOR to the day before the day off because I was all pumped to have Labor Day off and was going to work on my elf drawing all day and relax and watch some movies and now…I get to go to work. Yee-di-freakin’-haw. I need to learn to not be so nice and say no once in awhile. But my next day off will be Wednesday so I’ll work on my drawing then and it’s the day of my belly dance class to so I look forward to going again.

Some of you know that I’ve been living in my brother’s apartment while he’s been doing drill sergeant stuff in New Jersey (and for those who didn’t know…now you do!) well, he told me that he doesn’t plan on taking the apartment back which means…it’s all mine! YOSH! I love this’s a 2 family house which means I have half a house to myself and the people who live below me are awesome and it’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, and super cheap rent so I love it and am glad I can now stay here. Plus, it will probably mean I’ll be getting my own kitty. FuzzButt is technically my mom’s cat and doesn’t live with me and now that I’ll be staying here I want my own putty-tat! It’ll be a few months though since my bro has to take some of his things out when he comes back…like his super comfy leather chair that’s amazing to sit in but…cats like to claw leather and his poor chair fell victim to FuzzButt’s claws when I was watching him for a week.>_<

Picture of the Day comes from Vampire Knight…it’s Zero! *pets him*

Finally being published...

Thanks to all who responded to my last post about the elf character name! It was really close between 3 names…Anaryan, Runya, and Hellvedar. You know what I’m thinking? Especially seeing those 3 names lined up in that way…why not make that his first, middle, and last name? Anaryan Runya Hellvedar! I mean…he is elvish and they have fancy pants, complicated names usually.XD I’ll pass that along to Angie since she’s going to be the main writer and I’ll be drawing it and throwing ideas in here and there. I think Angie and I make a good team…I wish there were more of us like CLAMP so one could write, the other could draw the characters, the other could color and ink, and the other could do backgrounds. It’s tough to draw a manga all by yourself!

And speaking of mangas, remember back in December, I had won that ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ doujinshi contest held by Go!Comi? Well, one of the editors contacted me yesterday and asked me to write a bio about myself because…they’re finally publishing my doujinshi!!! AHHHH! It’s going to be in the final volume of ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ and I can’t wait! I’m super glad I did my manga backwards and Japanese style since ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’ is published backwards (like all mangas brought to the states SHOULD be) so my doujinshi will actually flow with the real manga and not be printed all funky. Go me!XD

And for all my new friends who’ve never seen the doujinshi mentioned above, here’s a link to it: Linky!
I need to ask Adam about this…ALL my comments are gone from my manga when the new Otaku was launched…the only comments that remain are what were made on the cover page. *pouts*

Not your average elf...

I started taking real belly dancing lessons today! I say “real” since I went to an actual class rather than just learning it from DVD’s I NetFlixed.^^ It was so much fun!! The teacher said I was a natural. I just have to hope my boss doesn’t switch my days off again or else I won’t be able to make all the classes…I’ll need to talk to him about that since he’s been tossing my schedule around all over the place lately.

I got to do a couple sketches of one of the main characters for the manga/story idea I had mentioned in my last post….a short story involving a real elf that gets himself warped into a now-a-days Renaissance Festival. My friend, Angie and I are coming up with this thing and we pretty much decided that the elf wasn’t going to be the standard, serious elf…more-so very curious, playful, poking his nose into things, that kind of deal hence why when he is at this Renaissance Fest…he’s all over the place trying to figure things out. He’s going to have red hair, green eyes, and be wearing mostly green (like most elves.) but Angie and I are bouncing names around so wonder if you guys can pick your fave of this group of names for him. So, here’s 2 quick sketches I did of our elf so you can see him:

The names we have are: Hallvedar, Anaryan, Narille, Runya, and Runyasul. I do plan on completing and coloring the one image of him being “active” just because I want to. lol! So yeah, pick your fave name or if you come up with another name, throw that out too! Thanks!