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New Hair and Kitties!!!

Whelp, I’m going to be keeping my coworker’s cat for another week. Long story but yeah, that’s fine by me! Slowly, her and my kitty, Jenks are getting along a liiiiiittle better. He just wants to play but her…eh, not so much. Lol! I think she thinks that Jenks is being aggressive when he’s just playing. You can tell by the look in his eyes. I’m still going to be adopting another kitty from the animal shelter once I give back my coworker’s kitty. I’ve been looking online and found a few good possibilities. One looks just like Jenks! Lol! Except Jenks has big ears and that kitty doesn’t. Plus, Jenks’ eyes are green and yellow (very very pretty) and the other kitty has just yellow.

And I don’t know what it is about my purse but cats LOVE it! I actually just bought another one since I needed one slightly bigger and still, cats love it! Both the kitties like to lie on it and rub against it and Patches likes to sleep *in* it. lol! Weird.

Soooooo, I got my hair chopped off yesterday! I had a hair appt and the night before, I just decided I wanted something new and drastic! I picked out a hair style and between our founder, Adam and my pal, WayWardWarrior, I decided to go ahead and do it. I love how it came out. My hair stylist never lets me down. I’ve never had my hair this short…ever! I’ve always had long hair. It’s so weird to feel air on the back of my neck. Lol! And I keep swishing my hair back and forth because the short hairs in the back tickle.*snort* I had promised to take pictures to show my new haircut so here they are. It’s a front and side view of it:

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You like? I like! A friend said I looked like a video game character now.

What Madness is This?!

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! I can’t believe it…I have a Saturday off!!!! I didn’t request it either! I think the world must be ending or something. I slept in late which felt marvelous. My boss and I didn’t get out of work last night until 4am. It’s kinda funny because he was asking *me* how to do things when it came to the banking and what-not. *snicker* The peasant had to help out the king.

So, my friend’s wedding was last Saturday and I was a bridesmaid. It was POURING!!! It was an outdoor wedding too and it was thundering and the tent was leaking then it almost blew away and her cake toppled over. Oiy, it was…interesting. Well, they say rain is good luck on a wedding day since its washing away all the bad and welcoming the good. I dunno, the rain stopped a little into the reception and the sun came out which was nice. Except that made things really humid and all the buggies came out to play. I don’t really like weddings and I didn’t know anyone there so meh. It’s not like I sulked in a corner or something though, lol! I befriended the bride’s brother and some random cousin who was 13 and thought I was the coolest person ever. *snort* She couldn’t believe how old I was either. She thought I was no more than 20. I get that a lot, no one believes I’m as old as I am. Guess that’s a good thing though!

A coworker is on vacation for a week and I’m watching her kitty cat for her. Her name is Patches and she’s getting fur EVERYWHERE! All Jenks want to do is play but Patches is about 10 years old and Jenks is about 1 so…yeah. She just kinda glares at him as he runs around and spazzes out in front of her. lol! I’ve decided that I am going to get another kitty. Jenks needs a friend and having Patches here makes it apparent that he wants a buddy. Our local animal shelter has so many cats that it only cost $25 to adopt one so after I drop off Patches around Monday or Tuesday, I’m going to swing over and get another kitty. The more hairballs around my apartment the better.XD Here’s a piccy of Jenks and Patches:

Some Stuff

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! Decided to update before I had to go to work. I usually have Wednesdays off but since I need this coming Saturday off to be in a friend’s wedding, he took away my Weds. *sniff* I’m missing my belly dance class AND Ghost Hunters. Feh!

I had Monday and Tuesday off (I usually have 3 days off since I work 10 hour days) but I spent my Monday doing errands all day. That’s what sucks when you work such long days, you don’t get time to do anything so one of your days off usually consists of just catching up! At work, I get tips and I get LOTS of coins so I’ve been hoarding my tip coin for about 3 months now and I took it to my bank since they have a coin counter (like a Coinstar but cheaper) and I had over $640 in coin!! lol! You should have seen me lugging that bag in…was like 4 bowling balls in it. I deposited it of course…don’t want to be spending it on something I don’t need. There’s 2 months of car payments right there! Woot!

After that, I went to my parent’s house to just pick up some dress shoes and of course, my mom invited me to stay for dinner and I can’t pass up a free meal! So, a quick swing to my parent’s house ended up being like, 4 hours. lol! My bro is on a motorcycle cross country trip right now, so he has my parent’s watching his boxer, Lexi. My parents already have a boxer, Harley and those 2 are NUTS!!! They’re just running around like loons and playing and wrestling and just having a good ol’ time. They had a tug-a-war with a toy and did it so long they ended up napping, both with one end of the toy in each mouth. Lol!

Kitty cat, FuzzButt wasn’t in a good mood because he doesn’t much care for the dogs and all the noise they make. He was in the basement sulking and I went to pet him and he just kinda glared at me like, “TRAITOR!!!!” He doesn’t like when all the attention isn’t on him.XD He’s such a drama queen.

And since it was noted in the chat that I haven’t posted a piccy of FuzzButt in quite some time, here’s one right here. Does his face not just scream, “I am SO better than you.”

Neh, Inuyasha

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! The last couple weeks have been hectic at the casino…what else is new. Hmph. We had a concert Friday with Joan Jett…some oldy rocker person that I didn’t know but I did recognize her songs once she was singing them. The casino….was….PACKED! OMG, I wanted to shoot myself, it was so bad. The only good thing was I had an awesome tip night making almost $300 in tips in ONE NIGHT! It was surprising because most of the guests were college kids and they don’t tend to tip worth crap but I got lucky. Must be the red hair. I’m saving my tip money though for when I go to the Renaissance Fest again in August as well as for the NY Anime Festival in September…although I REALLY want to get another dollfie too. My dollfie is so lonely, he needs a buddy!:

Anyway, I FINALLY finished my Inuyasha and Kagome drawing. This was like, 2 months in the making. *snort* I had stopped working on it in the middle of it because I wanted to start another drawing, so I got the other drawing started and decided I needed to get this drawing done first. Heh. I even wrote a short story with it so if you guys could take a look at it and comment, that would be peachy:
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Mad World Indeed

Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well. I ordered my kitty, Jenks one of those nice jungle gym thingies and I spent some time assembling it and stuff and go figure…he’s having more fun with the box and the extra screws than the gym.>_<

One of the other supervisors at work got fired yesterday…well, she has 2 weeks but then she’ll be gone. I’m surprised it wasn’t me since I’m the “newest” supervisor but I was saved mostly because I’m the only duel rate and can fill in as a banker as well as a cashier so therefore, I’m more valuable. I s’pose I’m lucky…even though I hate my job but it’s a little hard to find another one at the moment when it seems like all companies in our area…and around the country, are firing people left and right.

And boy, am I ticked that Adam Lambert didn’t win American Idol. Grrrrrr. They say his downfall was because he became so popular and therefore, his personal life became public and it was soon spread that he was gay. Psh, some people would rather vote for the cookie cutter contestant, .ie. Kris Allen, rather than the person who actually truly deserved it. Heaven forbid that a rocker/goth/gay but EXTREMELY talented person win. Feh! Plus, the state that Kris was from “pulled some strings” making it completely free for anyone in the state to text their vote for him. That seems a little unfair if you ask me. Oh well, Adam Lambert, we all know you deserved the trophy but I’m sure his albums will whoop Kris’s.XP

For those who haven’t seen American Idol, here’s a youtube video (well, a song with pictures since American Idol pulled all videos off youtube from the show since they want us to buy the videos on iTunes) of one of Adam’s performances of ‘Mad World,’ I highly recommend at least listening to a little of it, if not all, to really hear what a great voice he has: