Welcome to my worldd ;D

This is just for random stuff :D
Along with my art give away (:
Just comment on the first post to get 1 free piece of fan art ;D
It can be your choice or be a surprise (:

Alllsoooo I may say really random stories that Id like to share :D
So check it up every-so-often to see anything new ;D



The World Of Eltreakol (:

Heyyyy :D
I had this world and I was like OMGSH I NEVER WRITE IN HERE D:
So I thought Id write somethingg :D Just to make upp for the empty-nesss....
Ive decided to draw 1 picture for every person that comments on this (:

So if you do read this and comment then you get 1 free drawing ^^'
I have far too much time and nothing to do so I may aswell :D

I will tell peoples about it on chat n stuff :D
If millions of people comment them I may have to cut it down a tad ;D

But I doubt many will :D

Well have fun peoples :D



  • kittens 3 - Naruto&Hinata COMPLETE
  • JackE034 - Pixie&Elf (Jack&Elt)
  • Razu Kaabi - SurpriseArt
  • lyndy05 - EdElric COMPLETE
  • SRV - DeathNoteSeriesArt
  • Axel Alloy - SurpirseArt COMPLETE
  • tokyokisshu - SurpriseArt
  • sasusaku 4ever - SurpriseArt
  • MandaNoel07 - SurpriseArt COMPLETE
  • Moirwinvail - SurpriseArt
  • Tenshihoshino - EarthBoundSeriesArt
  • stickywicket - ShugoCharaSeriesArt
  • SojiRem - SurpriseArt COMPLETE
  • simplebaby2step - SoulEaterSeriesArt
  • krizomet - SurpriseArt
  • simplebeast231 - FlyingMonkeys :D
  • TwilightHero - TheLegendOfZeldaSeriesArt
  • supersaiyanjounin - Hetalia: Axis Powers
  • Farah2 - SurpriseArt
  • Linden Rathan - SurpriseArt

SurpriseArt is a random drawing I will draw and then dedicate it to the person, therefore giving them a surprise on the art :D

SeriesArt is a random drawing from any series that I will draw and then dedicate it to the person.


It is always helpful to big up other artists and get peoples art out there so I though id link lyn as she has done the dedication ting to ^^
Heres the link ~ LyndysArtDedication

Helping others artists :D Same things apply for her dedications thing (:

Drawings are free but only one person please ^^
If all the names have been crossed out them you can have another drawing :D
You can ask for as many as you like but only if all the names are crossed out first ;D

Have fun peoples :3 (: