Wellll. Here is my life going to unfold you (: Im eltt and Im a pretty normal person really :D But I do have my moments >.>

Ive gotten pretty obsessed with this website and drift on for about a month then leave for about a month, so Im very on and off :D But hopefully this will stick me here forr ages :D

Omgsh, the first time I wrote this my internet crashed and I was likee ughh i have to write it again but its all good cos i like writing far too much :D

So i thought i should have a blog just to see what ive been doing with my life recently and though it would be good to write it down. I read other peoples blogs too so if you do blog then id love to read it :D I read daily stuff mostly ^^'

Ive been obsessed with photography recently, so Ill put a few pictures up that I like that ive taken and you can comment if you like ^^'

I love awesome lyrics, i try to find one set a day :D So ill pop a few of them up here as well :D


Ok so somebody asked me to do thiss and I cant really remember who >< But oh well :D

Lets start with a picture xD

Name: Eltreakol (: reall name is Ben ^^
Gender: Malee ;')
Heightt: ahh 6foott :D Im ratherr tall ;')
Hair Color: Strawberyy Blondee. (: Yes, jsut a bad excuse for ginger but still (:
Eye color: Blueeeeeeee.
Fav anime: ahhh dragonball by far (: I dont watch many, I just draw too much ^^
Fav band: wayy too many to count >< Im pretty into secondhand serenade at the moment though :L
Likees: Artt, musi and designn. I am a big person for creativity :D I draww, I writee, I sing, I playy guitar, I play piano. I also atm am trying to decorate my room, and I want to redo the whole thing so it should look awesome xD Thinking about painting a sunset scene on my wall? :D
Dislikes: Rice cakes. I really dont like them >.> Ermmss, im not a big fan of doing work but I get too much of it :L But oh well thats life ^^ Im not really lazy though (:

Project 365

Project 365 is a photo thing. I will take one photo every day for a year to try and remember each and every day off that year. I hope to be able to start this and keep this up ;'D I haven't start this yet though >.>

Drop by sometime :D

Morhphnigdombsb..yay ;D

I know no one will read this but I'm working on the small chance someone might walk across it :3


new blog post<3

read please?<3


New Blog<3

I know I never post; But please visit this blog?<3

Tis my new one(:

Thankss ;D


Oooooo ;D

Watch Me Fight Kids

It's been a long time since I've been here; A Very long time.

So I thought I would drop in and see if anyonee still remembers me;

Or is just subbed to me :L

Wandered if people could watch this for me? (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGdCGF_Qc0g


arar (:

ask me questions please?(: - http://www.formspring.me/eltreakol

ill love you forever :'D :'D

domdomdom, and im sorry for never posting ;] x

November 10th-11th. Miss me? ;')

Ahhh Ive forgotten this because I havent been at home so much and when I have been ive been rushing around with work and Ive had some time now so I thought I'd catch up with my blog while it's still only 3 days O:

Tuesday 10th November

Soo this day was pretty booring tbqh. I have a load of work from it, but oh well I always get work so meh. This was one of those inbetween days where nothing really happened so it was a bit crap :L
This will be a short post though (:

Lyrics for today: Me and Mrs Jones, we gotta thing going on... - Me and Mrs Jones - Michael Buble (cover of original by Billy Paul, I think)

Wednesday 11th November

Well today was again nothing but more work. Except I had a veryy interesting evening conversation with someone which I think I may have muckedd up everything between us two. Nothing can happen becausee I'm already hooked up but I don't know what to say. A lot of things really are better left unsaid tbqh. Well getting work done is no fun so I gave up on that and I dont have any of it written down because the book I write it in has been taken away for 'inspection' so pfft.