Slow Going

Hi guys!

Yes, the title pertains to the requests I took... two weeks ago? Gosh, it must be pretty bad if I can't even remember. I'm so sorry! I managed to find time to complete Zuzu's request, but I still have A13's, Keba's, Haitaka's, and UK's requests to complete. Thank you guys for being so patient! I usually don't take this long!

I guess I shouldn't point fingers... I can't help feeling bogged down by homework and chores. I'm redoing my bedroom, so I had to move out all my furniture. Nearly dropped a glass shelf on my foot... but I didn't :D

Still, it's not right of me to take so long... I'll pull an all-nighter tonight and hopefully get two more done. One perk of patience is that they'll all be in high res (like Goofy Smile is) because my dad just bought a new scanner/printer that's super easy to operate! No more using that ancient scanner that only works like half the time! Yay technology!

One random thing...

I'm a huge Pokemon fan (which I don't know if you guys already knew, but anyways) and have played Pearl, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, and Emerald (just a little bit)... for those of you with Black or White V2 that have the European release of the game (aka the one in English), you can receive a Keldeo via Nintendo WFC! The Keldeo Event just started today, so go to Mystery Gift and get yours soon! The event should last until February 12 (not 100% sure 'bout that date), so you have a couple weeks to nab this rare Pokemon (which was featured in Pokemon's 15th movie, Kyurem vs. the Sacred Sword)!

External Image

Ciao, all!