Soul Eater - Character Analysis #3

Hey guys! Bet ya didn’t guess who I’m doing the analysis on this week!

(Hint: what’s different about the post title compared to last week’s?)

That’s right! This week I’ll be analyzing Soul! (Hopefully you figured that out from the title, haha, but if you didn’t, you need not worry. Go ahead and cancel your IQ Test appointment. I did that on purpose.)

And, there’s a little extra to go along with the Soul Eater Analysis Series!

Soul “Eater” Evans, Maka’s weapon and the series’ titular character, is one of those crazy characters you just can’t help loving (at least I can’t). With a shock of messy white hair donned with a headband, sporting a sticker with his name on it, as well as a logo with a red-lipped mouth and the word “eat,” he’s definitely a distinct character.

From the start, he appears to be unimpressed with everything; he first struck me as indifferent to everything. However, my opinion changed after episode 7 of the anime. (For spoiler-avoidance purposes, I won’t disclose any specific information.) It was almost as if, all of a sudden, he’d gained a heart and finally cared about something. Turns out later on that he was never “indifferent” per se--he’s just got that kind of a look about him.

Soul’s a very complex person, when you get right down to things. He grew up as a trained pianist in a family of wealthy musicians... and had an older brother that he admitted was better than him. He obviously has never heard himself play. Which is kinda sad, because he plays piano wonderfully.

As the story progresses, he seems to mature quite a bit (compared to how he acted with Black*Star), especially after becoming a member of Spartoi.

That’s about as far as I’m going to go (again, because I don’t want to get long-winded). So I’ll leave it at that!

I guess I had two more spoilers than I initially planned. Oh well.

Ciao, guys Next week’s character... start guessing!

Did you notice that I inadvertently went in order?