Hi everybody! I’m Elricbrothersfan, but you can call me Elricz!

I decided that after over a year of being pretty much the same, boring old intro it’s always been, I wanted to revamp my main blog introduction.

I’ve been a member of theO since June of 2012, and boy, have I made some incredible friends since then!

Some of my best buddies ever, in no particular order: Keba Si Rota, MangaKid, DemonsandAngels, XxArrancarFanxX, TheDarkEclipse, Klassic, Zuzu Uchiha, Soulanime14, ChibiMarco, Moka, UnknownKey, and squazio

Other awesome theO peoples, also in no particular order: itemilicious, Spectre, Angel, willotaku, Darkarax, Haitaka, RinMustang22, yummy suika, Hifsa, moonlit dream, ItachiSasuke, toyotami kun, cardcaptorryoko, Viollet, Dranzerstorm, kita mikichi, Valerie014, nimbusoak, and dragonseiryuka

Some of my favorite anime, in a very particular order: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kamisama Kiss, Soul Eater, Negima!

Some of my favorite manga, in no particular order: Fruits Basket, Claymore, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto

So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!

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Let's Play Catch-Up

30 Days of Art
Days 1-9

30 Days of Art
Days 10-14
Jake Request
Dirty Pair Anime Request
My Own Fanarts
Soul Eater

The Unfinished ones are pretty much in order of priority, though I will say that requests and 30DOA are jockeying for top of my priority list. It's all time-dependent, but it WILL all get done.

Enlightened. (And back from le mini-hiatus)

I'm back! Finally... and with a long post to boot! Post Highlights: -Confirmation Retreat/Marshmallow River experience -Crane Project -Miscellaneous So... let's start with my ...

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I Missed Friday...

Nah! I can't believe I forgot to post last nite! False alarm, don't let the chimera loose! I was so tired from PE and Dance that it just totally slipped my mind...

I didn't have anything to say anyways, besides the fact that I'm sorry I'm being so incredibly slow with my drawing requests. I'm sorry I'm taking so long! *bows* I already have Haitaka's ready, I just haven't had a chance to scan it yet. Between Dance and PE making me not want to pick up a pencil, and not actually having access to the scanner from my laptop, I'm exhausted. Plus I have to do my SS Valentine's gift... *mopes*

Again, I'm really sorry, everyone. I'll try to finish up this week and have all five ready for Friday. Well, maybe not the Valentine's gift... I like to submit SS gifts as close to the day as possible, so that might be next week. But the others I will submit by Friday, I promise!

Bye, all!

Slow Going

Hi guys!

Yes, the title pertains to the requests I took... two weeks ago? Gosh, it must be pretty bad if I can't even remember. I'm so sorry! I managed to find time to complete Zuzu's request, but I still have A13's, Keba's, Haitaka's, and UK's requests to complete. Thank you guys for being so patient! I usually don't take this long!

I guess I shouldn't point fingers... I can't help feeling bogged down by homework and chores. I'm redoing my bedroom, so I had to move out all my furniture. Nearly dropped a glass shelf on my foot... but I didn't :D

Still, it's not right of me to take so long... I'll pull an all-nighter tonight and hopefully get two more done. One perk of patience is that they'll all be in high res (like Goofy Smile is) because my dad just bought a new scanner/printer that's super easy to operate! No more using that ancient scanner that only works like half the time! Yay technology!

One random thing...

I'm a huge Pokemon fan (which I don't know if you guys already knew, but anyways) and have played Pearl, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, and Emerald (just a little bit)... for those of you with Black or White V2 that have the European release of the game (aka the one in English), you can receive a Keldeo via Nintendo WFC! The Keldeo Event just started today, so go to Mystery Gift and get yours soon! The event should last until February 12 (not 100% sure 'bout that date), so you have a couple weeks to nab this rare Pokemon (which was featured in Pokemon's 15th movie, Kyurem vs. the Sacred Sword)!

External Image

Ciao, all!

Requests Update

Hi guys! Sorry I'm posting late...

I've been really swamped this week, what with exams being every day but today (which I had off from school, yay!). I was studying pretty much every spare second I had, so unfortunately I didn't get to start on the requests. I'm sorry! I'll try to work on them tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday (which I also have off from school, yay!)

I do have reference images picked out already, though, so I should have them all ready really soon! Thank you all for being patient!

Take care,