Hi everybody! I’m Elricbrothersfan, but you can call me Elricz!

I decided that after over a year of being pretty much the same, boring old intro it’s always been, I wanted to revamp my main blog introduction.

I’ve been a member of theO since June of 2012, and boy, have I made some incredible friends since then!

Some of my best buddies ever, in no particular order: Keba Si Rota, MangaKid, DemonsandAngels, XxArrancarFanxX, TheDarkEclipse, Klassic, Zuzu Uchiha, Soulanime14, ChibiMarco, Moka, UnknownKey, and squazio

Other awesome theO peoples, also in no particular order: itemilicious, Spectre, Angel, willotaku, Darkarax, Haitaka, RinMustang22, yummy suika, Hifsa, moonlit dream, ItachiSasuke, toyotami kun, cardcaptorryoko, Viollet, Dranzerstorm, kita mikichi, Valerie014, nimbusoak, and dragonseiryuka

Some of my favorite anime, in a very particular order: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kamisama Kiss, Soul Eater, Negima!

Some of my favorite manga, in no particular order: Fruits Basket, Claymore, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto

So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!

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Ten to Go

Trying to work my way through the last ten episodes of Soul Eater when I should be working on my 30 Days of Art-work *shot*, and I tell ya, they're gonna be a pain in the butt.

Never in the series has there been such a chain of events that have made me want to start throwing things in angst. I mean, really, a deal with Medusa?? And they let her walk? Granted, it was to find out the location of the kishin, but still, WHYYYYY????

I seriously am torn between wanting to toss my laptop out the window and punching Ragnarok in the face (though the latter is, forever and ever, impossible, to say the least). OOH! *inspired face* I can turn this into a Day 10 artwork! But to make it clear, Ragnarok is FAR FROM one of my favorite characters. But he's permanently attached to Crona because of the black blood, so I've gotta take the annoying with the adorably awkward.

Using spoiler tags brought me back to when I did the Conqueror of Shamballa review and didn't know how to use spoiler tags (and was, admittedly, not comfortable enough with any Otakus to ask about how to use them and not feel like a total dunce, despite the fact I was still really new). Ahh, nostalgia....

Anime Meme

Anime Meme - Check the anime list, add an “x” if you have seen at least a full episode of the anime or “xx” if you have seen the whole series. Add your sub-total at the end of each anime category, in the end if your total i...

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