Hi everybody! I’m Elricbrothersfan, but you can call me Elricz!

I decided that after over a year of being pretty much the same, boring old intro it’s always been, I wanted to revamp my main blog introduction.

I’ve been a member of theO since June of 2012, and boy, have I made some incredible friends since then!

Some of my best buddies ever, in no particular order: Keba Si Rota, MangaKid, DemonsandAngels, XxArrancarFanxX, TheDarkEclipse, Klassic, Zuzu Uchiha, Soulanime14, ChibiMarco, Moka, UnknownKey, and squazio

Other awesome theO peoples, also in no particular order: itemilicious, Spectre, Angel, willotaku, Darkarax, Haitaka, RinMustang22, yummy suika, Hifsa, moonlit dream, ItachiSasuke, toyotami kun, cardcaptorryoko, Viollet, Dranzerstorm, kita mikichi, Valerie014, nimbusoak, and dragonseiryuka

Some of my favorite anime, in a very particular order: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kamisama Kiss, Soul Eater, Negima!

Some of my favorite manga, in no particular order: Fruits Basket, Claymore, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto

So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!

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Plothole #6 - Naruto and His Inner Beast

*Sigh* I didn’t get a chance to do much actual research on this one… so I might go and babble a little bit. And I might abruptly *cough cough* like that (think I’m coming down with some weird throat thingy, but I had some Earl ...

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Your Regularly Scheduled Plothole...

Will be covered tomorrow. I don't feel good :( and I haven't had a chance to use a computer till now (like 11:30 pm). So I shall cover the next plothole tomorrow.

Sorry, guys. Been having tummy trouble all week. Hopefully this long weekend will help me recover.

Ciao for tonight :)

And then she died of happiness

So I mentioned previously that I was away since Friday on a ministry training retreat... Well, I came home at noonish, ate some spaghetti, then fell asleep and woke up to "Minority Report" playing on USA. I got ready to go to the Youth Group kickoff, and I had an amazing time!!

So I came home and finished my homework, then made a birthday card for a friend whose birthday was yesterday. My dad made me go upstairs to my grandma's room, and he sat me down and told me how proud he was and happy that I was doing art stuff and learning about my faith and blah blah blah and I felt my heart going a mile a minute and he pulls out this present and I think OH MY GOD WUTTTTT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?

So it turned out, when I ripped the paper off, to be three six-packs of Copics and two marker pads... I told my grandma, who was on the phone with my aunt, to mute the phone. And then I SCREAMED. Like, REALLY screamed. And my dad was just like, "I knew she was gonna freak out. This is why I didn't give it to her when she came home cuz she never would've left the house" and I thought, Yes he is very correct. I wouldn't have left.

So I died of happiness!! And now I must go do something far more important than freaking out over the most amazing markers on the planet.

Plothole #5: How'd Naruto's Parents Die?

Well, if you didn’t know that… I’m sorry. But I think most of us know he was orphaned at one point in time, right? If not then stop reading now. Just stop. Don’t go any further. I’m warning you. Last chanc...

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Used Full Restore (for happiness)!!

KYAAA muuuch much MUCH better day today :)

COMC test was hard, but not freak-out-like-there's-no-tomorrow hard. And I think the essay will be okay. My teacher gave everyone a notecard that we can fill, front and back, with whatever we think will help us with the test. *Is going to condense the discussion questions since that's where the essay will probably come from--why give us the questions at all if she's not gonna test us on it?*
I laughed later cuz I told my friend (who's bad at test-taking) to ask God to take all his worries away (he's half Catholic half Jewish, so yeah), and I thought, If he gets his test back and he didn't fail, I'm gonna say to him, "You trust me now, boy?! Praying works!"

We had an in-class essay in Global Studies, but it wasn't so hard *one-paragraph essay FTW* once I decided how to answer it.

I was kinda mad about Algebra 3, cuz we're doing this little mini-lab thing with scatter plots and I ended up doing almost all of the work... I don't wanna be mean, but I don't think my partner knew what she was doing and I wasn't about to explain it cuz if I did, I would get an attitude because I don't have the patience to explain things that I know backwards and forwards. Plus I forgot my book so I couldn't do homework in class (did it in my English teacher's class at lunch).

Since I'm going out of town, I got my homework for tomorrow for most of my classes with homework involved (Global Studies is not one of them, poo), and I almost finished my math homework!

We took notes in Journalism and started a short essay comparing ourselves to a character we read about (I picked Jessie from The Boxcar Children).

Art had a pretest (draw a bunch of stuff on a piece of paper, apple, hand, yourself, etc.) and I talked to a friend from church who transferred to my school this year. I have homeroom with her too!

Dance... we actually got up off the floor and went over the ballet positions and some terminology. So we'll be dancing tomorrow *ouch* and hopefully I won't get all sweaty before the ministry retreat. ORZ I still haven't memorized our mission statement... which, for anyone who cares, the condensed version is "Catch and release." We catch kids, educate them about Catholicism, prayer, and Christ, and then release them to teach others and spread His Word. So yeah...

Weeee *spinning in chair* I don't have so much homework tonight! So I can do a little drawing :)

OH OH OH!!! I just wanted to extend a very big thank you to everyone who commented on my post yesterday/day before, I will admit I was being too spazzy yesterday and complained a lot more than I should've... I'm sorry guys, please forgive me OTL my stress problem reared its ugly head for the first time in about four years.

THANK YOU ALL!! You are WAAAYYY TOO KIND!!! I appreciate that so much And... in light of not so much homework, I'll be making the post on Plothole #5 later tonight!

*The tag "happy happy teddy squirrel" references a recording I made on my DSi XL where I sang "happy happy teddy squirrel happy happy teddy squirrel, happy happy happy happy SQUIRREL" when I was super happy about something (I forget what exactly), but I play it sometimes when I get cheered up from a really bad funk.