Lookie it's me!! lol

A little About Me:

Screen Name : LGA775
Real Name : Werner
Age : 31
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
height : 1.79M
weight: 72.8Kg
DOB : 18th April 1985
Country : South Africa

Biography and History:
I was born the 18th of April 1985 in a very avarage looking house in a big City called Pretoria but originally grow up on a farm with my 2 brothers, mom and dad not so far from where I live now..I Later moved back to the city life after we lost our farm due to financial problems.I didn't had the best school years most people would call pleasent but It wasn't that bad either.I was never bullied phisiclly but mentally alot not only by school mates but also by my two brothers and cousins.I'm not a very social person I would much rather be alone do my own things and do what I love..meaning "Drawing" mostly.I don't like crowded places becuase alot of people at one place makes me nervious and uncomfortable.I never liked Bars, Pubs, And night clubs when I turned 18 back in 2003 becuase for my hate of alcohol.My kind of fun is nature.I do make friends easily but I am very picky on what kind of friends I choose in real life becuase I was stabbed in the back more times I'm willing to admitt..Some day I would love to go back to country life since city life is not really for me..I have moved back and forth more times I can remember becuase some places was just to dangerous to live in. We had a driveby atleast twice with people shooting at our house

In 2008 I moved to the United States for a year to work there since here in my country work is very rare and when you do get a job the paycheck is almost worthless..Over seas is the only place you can get a decent job that pays your depts and making it possible for you to survive..I met alot of wonderfull people in the US and also made alot of friends as well..Will leave my country any time to start over not only the US but any other place then here..

I wont even talk about my love life since here in my country Girls is well I don't even know what to call it but let my just tell you, you stand a better chance to win the lottery...I haven't had a serious relationship ever in my life just a few one night stands, the one without sex since I don't believe in that before marrage and Am very serious about that subject...So my life goes on and this is my life..Fragments of it..

Facebook Page

Likes: Friendly people, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Dissipline, People with a great sense of humour, Funny people..(Not the movie), Drawing, Colours, Spring, Cars, Nature, Guns and explosives, Flying, planes, Exploring, Finding stuff, Collecting diffent brands/makes of pencils, Sarcasm, People that can stand up for themselves, A good personality, Positivity,

Dislikes: Bullies, Rude people, Assholes, Idiots, People with no sense of respect, Lies, Negativity, Bad breath, Sushi, something that doesnt work right, Waiting, Bad language, Know it alls,

Activities: Martial arts, Gymnastics, Drawing, Working, Annoying my brother, Cars, Music, Supporting friends and family, Facebook, Working out, Enjoying life.

Favourite Anime: Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Aww My goddess, Code Geass, DragonballZ and GT, Digimon, Black Butler, Speed Racer, Bleach, Death note,

Favourite Anime Charaters:Sakura, Ino, Naruto, Asuka, Rei, Goku, Android 18, Winri, Edward, Dexter, Jonny Bravo, Courage, Hinata, Gaara,

My Best Friends here on theO..And old MyO Friends too: And people i admire

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It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Hey guys...Hope you had a great Christmas and new year, Mine sucked but that is the least of my worries...

Feels like a lifetime since I've actually updated something on here not to mention submitting anything...Well anyhow Life has really been tough on me and my family thease passed months...

Last week was probably one of the most awful weeks we ever had.. First my brother got a warrent for his arrest from court, Second we had a break in and most of our stuff got stolen, and third my Dad had to go to hospital...

The stuff that got stolen was goods we wanted to sell to put food on the tabel..I haven't had a decent meal in quite awhile now and sometimes gone to bed hungry...

So yeah out situalion hasn't changed yet, Still jobless since no one wants to employ me...But atleast We're not on the streets yet so there are still hope...I do believe things will get better eventually when that will be only Gods knows...My will to fight comes and goes...

I know it may sound silly to say sorry for my absence but I really miss you guys...

Just remember I may come and go alot on here and sometimes stay away for long periods of times but I never forgets a single one of you guys....

Well till next time guys One day I will be back for good "If I can help it"... Me and my family won't be in "Hell" forever, None one will be... I'll be back maybe even sooner then you think.... It can't always go bad, sooner or later good times will come....

Been awhile, or so it seems

Hey guys first of all sorry for being as absent as I am but most of you already know why but If you don't I'm gonna tell you anyway..

My situation haven't changed at all lately in fact it got worse, alot worse actually.. that is why I'm not active as much because I simply don't have money for internet most of the time..The farm I stay at is gonna be sold soon so i have no Idea what I'm gonna do or where I'm gonna go..

The money I got for my car after i sold it is gone since i had to live, pay rent and bought food with it..Now I have no transport, no place to go and no Idea what to do...I know at time like this I have to be strong and push through this but its hard to do so under this curcumstances...

There isn't much more to tell you guys really but I will still keep you guys informed when I can...I don't know when I'll have the chance to log in again after this...

Well till next time guys I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year..:)

Falling trees

Huy guys^^ I sure update alot these days don't I? Well I might just as well do so while I have the chance becuase my internet comes and goes...

Today I had to go and cut wood again for a few extra bucks, since the whole farm burned down some trees died but thats good because now I have more trees to cut down for wood..

Unfortunitely I only have an axe to do so...that sucks but oh well a chainsaw is out of the question...I also hurt my arm after the tree fell on me but I kinda enjoy pain I'm weird like that and no it's not broken just cut...

I had to curry the tree by myself since everyone is too damn lazy to help me..-_-' I curried it half way and draged it the rest of the way since the thing is freaking heavy..(Go figure) it is 25 feet tall...

I almost died of exhaustion or atleast if felt that way....

Well Now I'm gonna relax....

On fire

When I woke up this morning I never thought the whole damn farm we stay at will burn to the ground... and there I was standing next to the fire admiring the heat...Well Luckily the house didn't burn to the ground as well....We called the fire apartment but they got lost and arrived 2 hours later... so useless

Never a dull moment I tell ya..(Sarcasm)


I'm a bit bored so I'm gonna share something with you guys...

Some Anime I've finished watching:

Another : This series is kinda disturbing but okay
A Certain Magical index (including railgun) : I really injoyed this Anime watched it countless times
Ah my goddess : It was okay...
Ai Yori Aoshi : It wasn't my cub of tea
Akame Ga Kill : It was okay
Azumanga Daiho : This Anime is kinda funny
Burst Angel : I like the character designs but the story line is kinda dull
Cardcapter Sakura : I kinda like this Anime but I expected more
Chorbits : Horrible!! It's all I can say
Chrono Crusade : I didn't liked it much
Dn Angel : Dn Angel was quite enjoyable I must say..
Ergo Proxy : The main charcater with her blue masara is kinda weird but the story line is interesting
Eureka : I don't normally like this kinda anime but Eureka was fair
Eureka Astral Ocean : Not what I was expecting at all... At first I thought it would continque from the last episode of the original Eureka but then they go and change the whole thing with diffrent characters...Dissipointing
Fruits Basket : It was fine
Full Metal Alchemist : I think this one was kinda good
Honey And Clover : Fair all I can same
Haganai : I really liked this one.. A bitt sexest but I'll look passed it
Kiddy Grade : This was good actually I really like the two main characters..
Madlax : Madlax was okay... Not a very good story to it..
Nana : This Anime was kina good.. Two charcters with the same name, one clumsy and the other a punk rocker
Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : Well you all know this was good even though some might dissagree
Sailor Moon Crystal : I like it...
Suzuka : I enjoyed this one even though Yamato is a complete idiot..
Tororada If you haven't seen this anime yet I think you should...It's an amazing anime and very popular too