Emmz's World of EDITZ~

This is a world of pictures i randomly edited. It's not like how i make my wallies and stuff, it's more of adding effects to a picture. Feel free to view xD
If you wanna be a guest poster and post random edits just ask. Don't be afraid to ask, i don't bite xD

Also, i will be taking requests too~ So ask away!!!

The programs i use to edit are Photoshop CS6, Picnik, Vintage Camera, PhotoPad, ScratchCam & PicMonkey.

C yaz!! ♫


My name......IN TENGWAR!!! >:D C yaz!! C: Alwyaz BELIEVE ...

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Kili~ <3

So, on the 22nd, Me, Alexa & Death went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpecting Journey....

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Here's a GIF I made of my brother trying to scare the dog on the sand pile at the quarry. ...

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Doodle Skull

Ok, i don't remember what brushes i used, but i didn't hand-draw any of this xD It was all made with brushes and stuff =P I was gonna submit this as a ...

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I just spent half an hour trying to make this xD TUTORIAL ...

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