The Stream Plan (Sometime this week, just keeping you posted)

Okies, my scanner is up and running, I've scanned in several things... but no stream today/tonight. Not feeling so hot.

However, it WILL be sometime this week. Just a place to chat, point out any flaws in the artwork, listen to music, and even crack a few jokes if you have any.

My plan:

The following will be touched up, colored, and shaded in Photoshop using a drawing tablet:

Shadow Hearts Fanart
Speed Request from someone on dA
Ushiro Fanart

Depending on how many show up, it will end with either a free request right on the spot, or some HetaOni (No one voted on the last post, so I had to choose). How many, I will not say. If it does get to the free request, it will be decided by a random trivia question on a video game/anime, so brace yourself.

I'll post something with a link to the stream when it's time, but until then, enjoy this trailer for HetaOni.

(And before anyone asks, just in case, the game is sprited, which means 2D FF style graphics. The story is really something, though.)