Because Streamtime is Funtime, right?

How's it going? Sorry for the long hiatus that was unannounced, stuff can be really crazy... what? Huh? Didn't notice I was gone?

...... alright, moving on... >_>'

Been wanting to fire up a livestream lately, but really haven't had the resources. Gonna try to get everything set up for one tomorrow, but nothing is set in stone. Just some gifts and personal art, finished up on a drawing tablet. There will be music, mainly from Youtube. I'll be open to requests for certain songs as I draw, so yeah.

I'm also thinking about airing an RPG Maker game, but I really dunno what... one of the following two:

HetaOni: A slightly dark Hetalia RPG, influenced by Ao Oni. Played the first version, and liked it a lot. Was gonna start from scratch, and let you guys pick what to do at certain points in the story.

The Witch's House: Indie Game involving a trek through a haunted house, solving puzzles, and there are scary moments, from what I've heard.

You can place a vote in the comments for which game, and if you wanted to attend or not. Would like to know if people would attend if I ever aired one.