Cleaning and Tuxes

Very long time since I've posted, so I might well voice my thoughts.

Today was a cleaning day, and fate has it I now have a new chore: Closet Cleaning. I found stuff I never knew I had, and even got biffed in the head by a game of Chinese Checkers. Not much else. I'm working on an RP called 'Drake Academy', but there are two things you should know: The title might change, and it's in the middle stages of development. Tomorrow I get dragged to the city with my friend Cameron because our moms want to get us tuxedos for senior prom. I thought I had a tux ready, but apparently I 'have the wrong idea'. Well, that's what's going on right now. Not much else. Just boredom.
In my boredom, I made some screenshots from Bleach today. Here's one of 'em. Enjoy.